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Dear Trick or Treat Writer/Artist,
If you're reading this letter I assume you're interested in writing or drawing for me. Thank you in advance, because I'm sure I'll love whatever you create! Halloween is one of my favorite holidays and I'm absolutely stoked to see any treats or tricks thrown my way. The prompts I've listed are starting points. Please don't feel like I'm limiting you to them. For every character and/or ship listed below I'm requesting either fanfiction or fanart. Gen or ship is equally good. I am Kisuru on AO3.
For this exchange I have requested: BanG Dream! (Anime), Death Note, Love Live! School Idol Project, Mahou Shoujo Ikusei Keikaku | Magical Girl Raising Project (Anime), Naruto, New Game, Original Work, Pocket Monsters | Pokemon (Main Video Game Series), and Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle.
General Likes
  • hand holding, forehead touches
  • brushing air/running hands through hair
  • canon divergence, holiday fic, case fic, fix-its
  • angst, drama, slice of life, hurt/comfort, fluff, domestic situations
  • dark, bittersweet, happy endings
  • possessiveness, jealousy, sticking too close at all times
  • enemies working towards a common goal
  • fantasy, romance or platonic partners, action, adventure
  • self-loathing, manipulation, grey morals, ambiguity
  • characters working themselves too hard
  • good intentions gone wrong, acquainted or twisted love
  • romantic imagery, art or literature references
  • betrayal, traumatic or intense feelings, bottling up emotions
  • co-dependency, devotion, loyalty, love not reciprocated
  • found families, established relationships
  • soulmates, soulbonds
  • kidnapping, terrible ways of showing affection, arranged marriage
  • self-destruction tendencies, power imbalances
  • animals or pets (cats, dogs, rabbits)
  • slow burn, missing scenes, friends to lovers, fixing failed relationships
  • changing fate, things going wrong and navigating the outcomes
  • introspection/character studies
  • UST, unhealthy coping mechanisms
  • crossovers
General art prompts:
  • hugs/cuddling
  • kisses
  • seasons
  • flowers, cherry blossoms
  • pastel colors
  • digital or traditional art
  • intricate details or monochrome/complementary colors
  • abstract/surreal
  • chibi
  • sun/moon shots
  • character portraits
  • forehead, hand kissing
Halloween art prompts:
  • festivals
  • harvest moon
  • harvest fields full of crops/crop lines
  • candy/wrappers
  • millions of lights in the darkness
  • fireflies or lanterns
  • weapons like scythes/swords
  • fruits/vegetables
  • abandoned buildings
  • dark forests at night
  • fire or ice/snow, other elements
  • bleak surroundings like deserts
  • falling/colorful leaves and pumpkins
  • blood stains
  • castle ruins
  • autumn in general
AU possibilities:
  • Pokemon
  • Pokemon GO
  • Harry Potter
  • knights and royalty
  • childhood friends
  • assassin
  • historical (feudal Japan, China, Romans, Greek, etc)
  • flower shop
  • hospitals
  • art school
  • Puella Magi Madoka Magica
  • magical girls
  • card games
  • idols
  • space travelers
  • d/s dynamics, dubcon/noncon, BDSM
  • biting/marking, spanking, 
  • possessive behaviors, testing limits
  • blindfolds, collars for ownership
  • formal clothing (kimono, ball gowns, suits/ties)
  • cuddling, first times, praise kink
  • focus on the senses, body worship
  • ritual sex whether cultural or family custom
  • bloodplay, knifeplay
  • sweetness, awkwardness
  • checking on each other, aftercare
General DNWs:
  • genderbending
  • pregnancy/kidfic (except for Top Speed)
  • character bashing
  • infidelity
  • scat, watersports, vore
  • emetophilia

Art DNWs:

  • extremely bright neon colors that make it difficult to look at the picture

BanG Dream! (Anime)
Yamabuki Saaya, Toyama Kasumi, Ichigaya Arisa
Fanfiction, Art
Treat or Trick

Yamabuki Saaya
+ Saaya clearly loves her mother, so any hurt/comfort scenarios. Saaya helping her out and worrying about her health.
+ Saaya having second thoughts about the band even after she finall joins them. But she's probably doing better than she thinks she is.
+ Anyone from Poppin' Party talks to Saaya to help her open up about her feelings.
+ Previous band experiences in her old band. What relationships did she form with them?
+ Taking care of her younger siblings.
+ Saaya serving customers at the bread shop. Rimi stops by?
+ Does Kasumi or Arisa help her in some way?
+ Unspoken communication.

Toyama Kasumi
+ Kasumi gets good ideas for Poppin' Party and brings the band closer together.
+ I like seeing supporting Saaya even though she's heartbroken that Saaya didn't want to be in Poppin' Party. More thoughts about her?
+ Kasumi practicing with her guitar late at night or singing. How does she comeback after her struggle to sing and impress the owner?
+ Leading Poppin' Party after the anime's ending. What do they go on to do next?
+ I love Kasumi's bright enthusiasm and silliness. Have her doing something fun about she's ever cheerful about?
+ Kasumi helps with Arisa's pawn shop.
Ichigaya Arisa
+ Coming around to make Poppin' Party successful. How does her attitude change?
+ What kinds of things are sold in the pawn shop? Does she feel nostalgic about something she sells, like Kasumi's guitar?
+ Arisa, despite her being more recluse compared to the others, decides she wants to go on a date with one of them. Is she happy to try anything out, or is Arisa a stickler about sticking to a "schedule"?
+ Arisa bantering about anything and having a strong stanc. The band, about her schoolwork, hobbies, things that exasperate her.
+ Arisa helps Kasumi with her guitar.
+ Why she enjoys playing the keyboard.
art: band practice, first dates, sleeping against each other

Any ship is fine in this fandom, including Arisa/Kasumi, Saaya/Kasumi, Arisa/Saaya.

Death Note
Yagami Light, Mikami Teru
Fanfiction, Art
Treat or Trick
Yagami Light
+ Light wins over everyone in his path. L, the police task force, Near... now what?
+ What kind of world does he run? Are people constantly fearful and hide in their homes? Does he stir up trouble on purpose so he can make "examples" of people when he thinks the world has forgotten how powerful their god is?
+ More into his thoughts. What kind of world does he want to build that we never really got to hear about? Which kind of criminals are the worst to him he'll never tolerate?
+ More talking to the family, how he balances his time while he's still at school.
+ Thoughts on Mikami? Does he really think he's stupid sometimes? Does he think he gets more competent over time?
Mikami Teru
+ Blind loyalty and devotion stirring up romantic interest. Sends Kira special gifts?
+ What was he like growing up? Did he have the same thoughts as Light? How did he arrive at those conclusions as he watched the news? He probably had some kind of traumatic event happen to him and I want to know what it was,
+ Does he ever become a threat to Kira if he ever realizes he could do things himself? Does he go up against Kira just because he wants to make Kira even better than himself?
+ Does he help Light get to safety out of the Yellow Box warehouse? How do things go much more smoothly—where do they go?
+ Literally kissing Light's shoes/feet.
+ How is his everyday life? He's very anal about his daily schedules. What happens if it goes off the slightest bit? How is being an attorney? Does he spread news about Kira online and look for info?
+ More introspection into his thoughts. Why wasn't he scared to half his life with the shinigami eyes? Does he have soft spots?
I ship Light/Mikami and Light/L.
art: religious imagery, holding hands, writing in the notebook, writing other messages, Mikami at the gym, Light studying, Light having his hand on his chin while thinking

Love Live! School Idol Project 
Minami Kotori, Kousaka Honoka
Fanfiction, Art
Treat or Trick

Minami Kotori
+ After all her hard work, she becomes a famous designer! Who does she design for, what kind of outfits are her favorites?
+ Kotori and birds. Walking in a park and feeding birds, buying a bird to own...
+ What does she do if the Muse members dislike her designs but they're too polite to tell her? Does it hurt her feelings, or does she go out of her way to make something better?
+ Kotori goes to America and lives her life and her dream. Ways she keeps in contact with Umi and Honoka afterwards.
+ Kotori just being sweet to everyone and making them cakes or something.
+ Something based on her Love Live! School idol festival game cards. ex. Kotori's Police or Ball URs.
+ Kotori makes Halloween costumes! Something Halloween-y happens at school and she wants to contribute.

art: bird on herhead or shoulder or hand, Kotori carving a pumpkin, sewing, hugging a pillow, tying a ribbon in her hair
Kousaka Honoka
+ Can I just... get Honoka eating a lot of different kinds of bread and enjoy them?
+ Honoka talking to the rest of Muse. Does she give them encouragement? Does she tell them something needs to be fixed or changed?
+ Something that drives Honoka to work extra hard for either school or Muse.
+ Failures that she works through.
+ What does she treasure most about her childhood with Umi and Kotori? How doe she feel if they drift apart for a while?
+ Say she takes inspiration from A-Rise, or other idol groups. What does she learn?
+ What she does after graduation. Is it hard for her to decide what she should do?
+ Surprising the members of Muse with parties or gifts or something because she wants to.
+ Honoka wants to be a dependable big sister for Yukiho.
+ Something based on her Love Live! School idol festival game cards. ex. Honoka's Taisho Romance or Snowy Mountain URs.
+ Honoka thinks she sees or hears ghosts! Everyone doubts her. Based on the movie, anything about a certain woman in New York. Is she really future Honoka?)
art: eating bread, petting cute animals, running in a field of flowers, wearing Kotori's clothes, sleeping over her homework

I ship Kotori/Honoka, Kotori/Umi, Kotori/Nico, Kotori/Honoka/Umi, Honoka/Tsubasa, Honoka/Eli. Other ships welcome.

Mahou Shoujo Ikusei Keikaku | Magical Girl Raising Project (Anime)  
Murota Tsubame | Top Speed, Sazanami Kano | Ripple, Inubozaki Tama | Tama
Fanfiction, Art
Treat or Trick

Murota Tsubame | Top Speed
+ Top Speed makes a special treat for Ripple one day. Or a scene about her cooking up food in the kitchen and which foods she likes.
+ What was she like before becoming a magical girl and meeting her husband? How rough and tumble was she, really?
+ Gives Ripple advice.
+ She isn't killed. What happens after that? Does she figure out how to keep herself safer?
+ She is a magical girl by herself pre-canon. Does she play up being a magical girl witch?
+ Snapshots of her with her husband.
+ She makes it and has her baby. Glimpses of her fawning over the baby, picking out things.
I'll leave it up to you how you handle the topic of Top Speed's husband and her pregnancy.
Sazanami Kano | Ripple
+ Ripple warms up to Top Speed eventually and does something nice for her. Liking her being bubbly even though she doesn't show it.
+ Getting slowly used to sharing more meals with Top Speed or going out somewhere.
+ Thoughts about being a ninja.
+ What was her favorite part of the Raising Project game before it all went to hell?
+ What does she do after the end of the anime? Doe she keep in contact with Snow White? Is she a well-known magical girl?
+ Slowly spending time with other people so she doesn't stay at her place all the time alone.
Inubozaki Tama | Tama
+ Tama deserved better! That's the prompt.
+ What if Swim Swim hadn't killed her? Would she still be with her after the game ends?
+ Tama getting all the treats she ever wants.
+ That one moment Tama isn't afraid.
+ What about Tama and her grandmother? Quiet moments with them talking over tea and her grandmother telling her how good she is despite how she thinks about herself.
+ Tama petting a dog. Maybe many dogs.
+ Tama's relationship with Ruler. What did Ruler teach her that she keeps with her?
art: food, flying, healing each other's wounds, dog prints, shuriken, blood, night time, food, Tama getting her head pat

I ship Ripple/Snow White, Ripple/Top Speed, Tama/anyone. 
Uchiha Itachi
Fanfiction, Art
Treat or Trick
Uchiha Itachi
+ Itachi doesn't die after the fight with Sasuke. What is his doing, and does he even like it?
+ Anything about Itachi's eyes deteroriating. What does he think about it even though he's sacrificing his eyesight while fighting?
+ What kind of illness did Itachi really have? Likely, it was his lungs, so how did he find out? Does Kisame ever notice or say anything?
+ How did he even come to the conclusion he should use the Sword of Totsuka on Orochimaru—how did he preplan for his and Sasuke's battle and get such a weapon in the first place?
+ Any other strategies he works himself through or training he does to keep himself in tip-top shape?
+ A quiet night looking at the stars, thinking about the things that could have been...
+ Make him happy. That's the prompt.
+ Visiting traditional cafes, his hobby that we never actually see. Is he usually very observant about the quality of the tea or something similar whenever he goes to one?
+ Itachi doesn't allow the clan's extermination. What happens from there to him?
I usually ship Itachi with Sasuke, Shisui, Obito, Naruto, or Kisame. I don't mind other combinations of ship.
art: blood in hand/dripping from eye, sleeping, smiling, dressed casually, eating sweets (cotton candy, candy apple, etc.)

New Game!
Ahagon Umiko, Sakura Nene
Fanfiction, Art
Treat or Trick

Ahagon Umiko
+ How did she get into guns and military stuff? What about FPS and survival games? What were her first experiences like?
+ Memories of living in Okinawa.
+ Moments she softens up.
+ What is her day like? What kind of challenges does she find in programming?
+ Rare days off. Moments she spends time with Nene and helps her out with her bebugging or game creation skills.
+ What feels the best about programming?
+ Things she loves about her job.
+ First thoughts when she started working at Eagle Jump.

art: holding her gun, looking stony-faced, petting Nene on the head
Sakura Nene
+ What was she thinking about going into before going to university? What does she do best at or fail at in her university studies?
+ Feelings about bebugging.
+ Ways she gets Umiko to notice her.
+ In the second season, more thoughts into how she went about designing her game. What she wants to do better in the future.
+ Nene just enjoying her favorite TV show.
art: wearing pastel colors, wearing pajamas, working on her computer, hugging a stuffed animal, running
I ship Nene/Aoba, Nene/Umiko, Umiko/Shizuku.
Original Work
Human In A Monster Costume, Yuki-onna, Incredibly Long-Lived Deep Sea Sponge, Evil Car, The Captain of the Ghost Hunter's Guild, Ghost Dog, Reality TV Show Host, Xenoarchaeologist Invesitgating a Dead Civilization, Skeleton, Forest Goddess
Fanfiction, Art
Treat or Trick

I love gen. For reference, I ship F/F, M/M, and F/M.

Human In A Monster Costume

+ Dressing up for Halloween.
+ Walkling through a neighborhood on Halloween. What do people think of them?
+ Is the costume bad but they're a good actor?
+ What costume is it? Do they want to be a cat but they can only make a dog costume?
+ Entertaining a kid's party.
+ A monster fanatic believes the human in the costume is real and kidnaps them.
+ Can't take the costume off.
+ Longing to be a monster themself.
+ The costume is enchanted with magic. Slowly, as the human wears it, it changes their personality/physical appearance?

art: a shot of the costume (ex: werewolf, vampire, witch, etc.), sewing the outfit, anything that makes the costume unique (ears, tails)

Reality TV Show Host

+ I really like Jeopardy!, other quiz type shows, competitions, etc. Anything like that is good.
+ How did they get into the show business? Inspirations, other game shows they enjoyed.
+ How do they handle cheating contestants?
+ Realizing their contestant isn't human... Mind readers? Powerful monsters that easily win every competition they enter and nobody believes them "because the camera was rolling" and they're only one who noticed it?
+ Anything that goes wrong on stage and the show host has to grin and bear it because they're not going to let it ruin their career.
+ Being threatened by a contestant.
+ A normal day on the job.
+ What if they aren't confident? What if they're shy, but they enjoy their job? How hard is it for them to constantly talk to people and put their face out there for the world to see?

art: the stage the host works on, the host holding a mic, host talking to contestants


+ Yuki-onna hugging children to death.
+ Cruising snowy mountainshides. What do they find? Do they come across little villages? What do they do there, and are people afraid?
+ Some legends say Yuki-onna might be moon princesses. Is that true? Why are they on Earth? Do they long to go back home?
+ Thoughts about the mountain she lives on.
+ Approaching humans and wanting something.
+ Preying on the weak humans she sees.
+ How did she become a yuki-onna?

art: hugging children, snowflakes, anything with standing in the snow, smiling, mountain landscape, yuki-onna and the moon

Xenoarchaeologist Invesitgating a Dead Civilization

+ How did they get into this career? Did they just find it interesting, or did their parents have any connection to exploring these places?
+ Traveling in space to new planets.
+ Landing on a planet where there are ancient ruins and they explore everything.
+ Finding a place on Earth (likely an island) where they suspect aliens lived long ago.
+Things they want to find and what they hope to achieve one day after investigating.
+ Any cultural information! Are they just interested in different cultures?

art: holding up a discarded object (a vase, a gold bracelet, crown), wiping forehead after a long day, a shot of the anicent ruins, anything with a desert appearance

Incredibly Long-Lived Deep Sea Sponge

+ Why has the sponge been alive so long? How old is it, and what things has it seen?
+ Ghost sponge in a wrecked, abandoned ship.
+ Sponge living in the waters of the fountain of younth. How did it find its way there?
+ Did the sponge have enemies before it died? Did the enemies kill the poor sponge?
+ Sponge traveling the world for somewhere to call home, or a peaceful place to die.
+ Is it lonely? Does it have other underwater friends? Is it sad when their freinds die and its left to wander the ocean without them?
+ Sponge chilling in the water on a nice day. How does it pass the neverending days?

art: sponge floating in the water or on a rock, sitting in the ocean reef, markings that show the sponge is very old (lines down its back?)

Ghost Dog

+ I love labs, border collies, pomeranians, German shepards, beagles, mixed breeds, akitas, dalmations, pitbulls... Every dog!
+ Police dog is killed on the job. Dog continues to follow his human because he's worried he'll be hurt either in that case or another one.
+ A dog that was killed in a housefire. Is it still looking for its family after all this time?
+ Ghost dog keeps digging up random places and town. People begin to wonder about it.
+ Do dogs to heaven?
+ Dog that died in a fight with another dog, or it was in illegal dog fights. How does it cope?
+ Would like hurt/comfort kinds of scenarios like someone trying to feed the dog and then realizing it isn't alive. But giving it attention.

art: anyone petting the dog, ghost dog curled up in a dog house/bed, green/blue dog ghost, ball going through the dog, ghost dog with blue/red/yellow eyes, pawing at a fence, walking in a graveyard

Evil Car

+ I like bugs, mini vans, Nissan, Subaru, Sunbird, convertibles, any kind of classic car from the 1960s or earlier. Anything, really!
+ Car drives off the road suddenly and speeds through a dark, scary forest at night.
+ The roadtrip turns into hell as the car screws with the GPS and the people inside end somewhere they don't expect at all...
+ Car commits suicide, basically, and runs off a cliff. Everyone dies. Or maybe they don't.
+ It starts with the little things. The car engine doesn't work, the trunk won't open. Eventually, the car runs the character over in the garage!
+ Race car driver is determined to win! But so is his car. It might have a mind of its own when those other cars are trying to pass them up.

art: evil car somehow smirking evilly (any way you want to do this), inside of the car and its looks (red seats, smoking engine), person sitting in the car, driving on an empty road


+ How does it feel to be the skeleton used in the anatomy classroom at school?
+ Does the skeleton get lonely?
+ Skeletons dancing! An entire room of skeletons dancing and showing off their moves! Bonus if they're learning/instructing ballet.
+ How did they die? Does anything makes them unique after they're dead?
+ Do they try to get out on Halloween?
+ Skeleton is "alive" after their body is deceased... but they're still in the grave. How does the skeleton spend their time for basically forever? Do they listen when loved ones visit?
+ Thoughts on being a skeleton.
+ Skeleton getting all dressed up. Does it excite them? Do they feel sad that they can't dress up in clothes anymore and feel good?

art: dancing, skeletons dressed up (ballet shoes/outfit, uniforms), skeleton looking at the night sky, skeleton with its arms over its chest, skeleton eating/holding candy

The Captain of the Ghost Hunter's Guild

+ How eccentric is the captain? Do their guild members respect them or think they're crazy?
+ Ghost hunt adventures! Casefic!
+ How did they become the captain?
+ The last captain of the guild died in a freak accident. It's time to find out why.
+ The captain always wanted to be captain because they watched so many ghost shows. But does TV and reality pair up?
+ Trying to start a TV show after ghosts with the guild. How does it go over?
+ A grudge to settle about so-and-so being killed. Possibly revenge, possibly the ghost had information that they want back...
+ Does the captain compete with another captain of another ghost guild? How does their relationship start and progress? How does the captain treat their guild members?
+ What are the captain's favorite places to ghost hunt? Do they try to talk to the ghost first and understand them, or are they a shoo'em until they're extra dead kind of person?

art: shooting a gun/other weapon, standing in uniform, meeting a ghost, cleaning a weapon

Forest Goddess
+ Protecting something deep within the forest like a sword or something based on legend.
+ Any followers? Do they bring her offerings?
+ Is she a kind goddess, or is she feared?
+ The forest's life energy is dying. Everything is slowly withering away and she's running out of time. What does she do to revitalize her forest?
+ Where did she come from? Why did she pick this particular forest as hers? Was it always near humans, or did they move by afterwards?
+ Is she easy to find in the forest or does she hide herself? Is she gentle or fiery-tempted?
+ Companion animals that spend time with her.
art: vines, tree canopies, green dress, pale/dark skin, green hair, flowing hair, holding out hand with energy ball in hand, arms crossed, sitting in a tree, sitting near a river, playing with the woodland creatures, praying
Pocket Monsters | Pokemon (Main Video Game Series)
Metamon | Ditto, Hellgar | Houndoom, Bakeccha | Pumpkaboo, Sirodethna | Palossand
Fanfiction, Art
Treat or Trick

Bakeccha | Pumpkaboo
+ A spirit lives in pumpkaboo and can't leave the world. What is that spirit and why can't they leave? Did they do something to be trapped here until they do something good?
+ Pumpkaboo seems to be some kind of helper that helps other spirits out in their time of need. Where does Pumpkaboo carry spirits so they can move on from the world to the next world after they die? Why does it have to do this?
+ Light coming through the holes on its body. Its in a cave or in a forest and it is seen...
+ What about when it evolves into a gourgeist? It is said they capture prey and make the prey suffer, and that it sings eerie songs in towns. How do they make their prey suffer? What kind of songs do they sing to curse people—are they death songs? Do people have to keep themselves locked up in their houses late at night, earplugs in, if they want to avoid dying or a terrible fate? Do pumpkaboo do these things to a lesser extent?
+ Mistaken for a jack'o'lantern.

Metamon | Ditto
+ Ditto turning into funny things (like for a kid or something) and showing off.
+Ditto transforming into a human or another pokemon and no one suspects it. What if a human took it on accident and left their other pokemon behind?
+ Ditto can't change its face on transformation. How does that look on a Halloween occasion?
+ Ditto mimic each other.
+ If you want to get dark, how about a ditto committing a crime and turning into a human for it? Framing the human in the process. Do they get away with it?

Hellgar | Houndoom
+ They don't call them the dogs of hell for nothing. They guard something. Perhaps a portal out in the rough terrain areas that leads straight to hell. Perhaps they lead you to it.
+ Houndoom pack! Do they gang up on a city and attack at night? Do they terrorize villages?
+ Houndoom fighting for dominance within the pack. Do they have to hurt each other?
+ They say that if you're burned by its fire, it'll never stop hurting. Is it some kind of curse?
+ Diamond and Pearl's entry says "Long ago, people imagined its eerie howls to be the call of the grim reaper." Tell me about that? Are they the grim reaper's pet? Were there a few of them in the beginning and they just started living in the human world?
Sirodethna | Palossand
+ Making sand castles on the beach is supposed to be fun. But then this pokemon pops up from the sand and scares them.
+ How does it control adults/children to make it as a sand castle? Do it force people living in little cottages to come out late at night?
+ It sucks out the life force of pokemon and gives off curses, so how does that make it grow stronger? Does it usually use water pokemon for its ends? How does it catch them?
+ It is said that the ill will of its victims helps it evolve into sandygast. How does it happen?
+ Moon's pokemon entry says: "Buried beneath the castle are masses of dried-up bones from those whose vitality it has drained." Now, I don't know about you, but this is dark! Tell me about that? How many dried-up bones does one palossand have under it? Is it like a skeleton grave yard? Do people ever stumble on those bones one day on the beach?
art: eerie beach late at night, houndoom curled up, houndoom blowing fire, pumpkaboo surrounded by candy, passoland surrounded by water and sand, ditto transforming, ditto reaching towards the sky
The Idolmaster
Abe Nana, Shibuya Rin, Shimamura Uzuki
Fanfiction, Art
Treat or Trick

Abe Nana

+ How did Nana come up with her persona? Why did she choose to be an alien bunny?
+ What does she think of Usamin? What kind of things does she imagine about it?
+ Does Nana ever get her stories straight about Usamin? Does she sit down and plot out her next course of action for a big event?

+ Things she does to rile up the audience.
+ Does she ever become an anime seiyuu one day like she hopes to be? What kind of characters does she play in anime?
+ Is she really the age she says she is?

Shibuya Rin

+ Helping out with the family's flower shop.
+ How do her feelings slowly change about becoming an idol? What is particularly difficult for her as she learns to do the routine?
+ Is it hard  to work with Uzuki and Mio at first? Or Nao and Karen? How does she make time for both New Generations and Triad Primus during the course of the anime?
+ Spending time with Uzuki or Mio off work.

Shimamura Uzuki

+ What kind of dances are her favorite? How hard does she always practice?
+ Trying too hard to make other people happy.
+ How does she motivate herself before a performance? How does she feel about Mio and Rin? Does she find something to call her own like Mio and Rin do?
+ Does she ever become the kind of idol she hopes she'll become over time? Uzuki is an underdog, so I want to see her shine and just be overly happy like usual.

I ship Rin/Uzuki or Uzuki/Rin/Mio. I have seen the Idolmaster: Cinderella Girls anime, and I play Starlight Stage.

art: dancing, colorful lights, arms in the high, jumping, holding hands

Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle
Fay D. Fluorite, Kurogane, Mokona Modoki, Li Sakura, Li Syaoran
Fanfiction, Art
Treat or Trick

 Fay D. Fluorite
+ Anything about him needing blood.
+ When hunger is too much.
+ Memories of his brother.
+ More about Celes and what kind of world it is based on Fai's memory and imagination.
+ Spooky legends of twins in Celes world besides them just being bad luck?
+ How does Fai react to Halloween in general? Does it make him sad and bitter, or does he relate to Halloween?
+ It's Fai's birthday and they just... shower him with gifts. A thin excuse to make him happy.
+ A snippet from his childhood with his parents.
+ More about what he was like before meeting Yuuko and the gang. What did he feel when he killed his opponents? How bloodthirsty was he?
+ Teaches Syaoran something about fighting.
+ I actually kind of would love a moment where Fai is teasing Kurogane and Kurogane teases him back. And it totally confuses Fai.
+ Sacrifices he makes for the group.
+ Thoughts about his loyaty to Princess Tomoyo. What about the PIfle Tomoyo?
+ Drinking, fighting with Fai.
+ Kurogane's arm ans his thoughts on losing it.
Mokona Modoki
+ Please dress up Mokona in something cute. How is Mokona as a cute ghost? Acting like a big dinosaur when the group's all sleeping?
+ Mokona takes them to a strange world. And a murder murder/whatever trope happens and they can't leave until they figure it out...
Li Sakura
+ Maybe one of her feathers is in a Halloween themed world? What about a world of vampires that Kamui and Subaru come from (and the visit also somehow helps Fai out as well)?
+ Sakura fighting through scary monsters or situations even though she's still weak.
+ Sakura pulling Syaoran out to explore a world themselves. Do they run into trouble?
+ How is she post-series? Ways she misses Syaoran, or copes after the the journey?
+ Sakura encourages everyone to dress up for Halloween. What do they dress up as? Anything based on CLAMP art?
Li Syaoran
+ Give me more about the Watanuki, original Syaoran, and clone Syaoran's relationship. How are they spiritually connected?
+ Freaking out Sakura is injured.
+ Does he keep in contact with Sakura somehow post-series? Write letters?
art: dress up in pretty clothes (dresses, suits, kimono, clothes from other cultures), Halloween creatures, group shot, holding swords or lanterns, landing in a new world, Sakura's feathers piled up on each other, blood

I ship Kurogane/Fai and Syaoran/Sakura.
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Dear Relation Shipping Writer/Artist,

If you're reading this letter I assume you're interested in writing or drawing for me. Thank you in advance, I'm sure I'll love whatever you create! The prompts I've listed are starting points, so please don't feel like I'm limiting you to them. For every ship listed below I'm requesting either fanfiction or fanart. I'm Kisuru over on AO3.

For this exchange I have requested: BanG Dream!, Bang Dream! Girl's Band Party, Code Geass, il sole penetra le illusioni | Day Break Illusion, K-On!, Love Live! Sunshine!!, Naruto, Owari no Seraph, Yuri!!! on Ice, and YuruYuri.
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Dear Rare Pair Fest Writer/Artist,

If you're reading this letter I assume you're interested in writing or drawing for me. Thank you in advance, I'm sure I'll love whatever you create! The prompts I've listed are starting points, so please don't feel like I'm limiting you to them. For every ship listed below I'm requesting either fanfiction or fanart. I'm Kisuru over on AO3.

For this exchange I have requested: BanG Dream!, Love Live! Sunshine!!, Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica, Magical Girl Raising Project, Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid, Tokyo Babylon, X/1999, and Yuri!!! on Ice.
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Dear Multifandom Drabble Writer,

I'm happy you matched to one of my fandoms! I'm excited to see whatever you come up with.

My requested canons are:
Love Live!, Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica, Original Works, and Pokemon.
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Dear All in the Family Writer/Artist,

I'm happy you matched to one of my fandoms! I'm excited to see whatever you come up with. I love seeing either gen or romance in my family relationships, and I'd equally love to see those familial connections explored from my requests. Feel free to mix and match ideas as well. In advance, thank you for writing/drawing and I'm sure I'll enjoy whatever it is! Everything in this letter has requests for fanfiction or fanart. Canon settings or AUs are both fine for any of my canons; I like all kinds of AUs from the mundane to the more adventurous. If you need more ideas you may want to look at my previous letters.

My requested canons are:
Kill la Kill, Kobayashi-san Chi no Maid Dragon | Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid, Naruto, Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle, and Yu-Gi-Oh!
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I believe the journal will need to go through a bit of a makeover in the near future. There are many things I want to fix up in several posts. It makes me wish I had only one account, but I still stay by it being easier that both are separate a lot more organized. I don't know what I specifically what to do with tags, but I guess they're fine the way they are, mostly. I want to fix up the posts with fics (and actually add what others I have... which will take several posts itself).
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First off, I'm excited to see whatever you come up with. In advance, thank you for writing/drawing and I'm sure I'll enjoy whatever it is! Feel free to mix and match my kinks if you feel it'll fit the characters and scenario. Everything in this letter has requests for fanfiction or fanart excluding Naruto and Original Work, which I incidentally forgot to tag fanart. A canon setting or AU are both perfectly fine; I like all kinds of AUs from the mundane to more magical and historical ones. I don't particularly have top/bottom preferences for my listed pairings, so switching is fine. If you need more ideas you may want to look at my previous letters.

My requested canons are:
Is the Order a Rabbit?, Naruto, New Game, Original Work, and X/1999.
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Dear Worldbuilder,

First off, I'm really excited to see whatever you come up with! There are so many fascinating angles for an exchange like this and I want to know your special take on my fandoms. All the canons I've requested have so much potential for endless possibilities. The prompts I have listed here are to go along with my worldbuilding tags, but please feel free to work outside my prompts if you have ideas. Everything in this letter has requests for fanart and fanfiction. As a note, I'm not the best at art prompts even though I really love art pieces, but I have other prompts in previous letters that may inspire you. Or for any reason.

For this exchange I have requested: Death Note, Gakkou Gurashi, Love Live! School Idol Project, Magical Girl Raising Project, Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha, Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica, Original Work, Pokemon (Main Video Game Series), Tokyo Babylon, and Yuri!!! on Ice.
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So, it's the New Year! And I told myself I'd do a 2016 wrap-up for my fanfiction. I've come a long way in the previous year. This includes everything I wrote during 2016. Some stuff will be from a little earlier (2014-5) since I didn't write much before 2016 and never put those in any other kind of post. Yuletide was my real starting point, and this past 2016 I was pretty productive also. Most stories are varied ships but I've also written gen.

Under the cut fandoms include: Bleach, Cardcaptor Sakura, Death Note, Erased, Gakkou Gurashi! (School Live!), Inuyasha, Love Live! School Idol Festival, Love Live! School Idol Project, Love Live! Sunshine!!, Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica, Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha, Original Work (because why not), Pokemon (anime/game), Pokemon GO, Tokyo Babylon, Tsubasa Reservior Chronicle, and X/1999.

One day, I'll have to get all the links to the fics on AO3/FFN. (One day, everything will be crossposted to my Dreamwidth... one day.)

I hope to have more written in time for next year's wrap-up post. Until 2018, everyone!
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Hello, fellow Chocolatier!

Thank you for taking the time to look at this letter, or write or draw for me at all. It's great to see people matching with my canons. I'm open to many things ranging from gen to pwp. The prompts I've listed are starting points, so please don't feel like I'm limiting you to them. Last year I participated in Chocolate Box and I hope we both have a great experience this time! For everything listed below I'm requesting fanfiction and artwork.

For this exchange I have requested: Cardcaptor Sakura, Mahou Shoujo Ikusei Keikaku | Magical Girl Raising Project (Anime), Keijo!, Love Live! Sunshine!!, Original Work, Pocket Monsters | Pokemon (Main Video Game Series), Tokyo Babylon, Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle, X/1999, and Yuri!!! on Ice (Anime).
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So I've thought about this for a while and I think I might go ahead and do it. I'm going to delete Imperfect Moon and Forgotten World of Oddities from AO3 and just move them here. They're stories no one other than me would probably care about, and I don't really like the thought of them still being up over there if I don't think they're worth it. When I originally posted those stories I was scraping around for anything to post to my account. I didn't write as much fic, or stories in general, back then as I do nowadays.

FWoO was actually a roleplay sample for an RP site that died. I really was proud of my sign-up for that site. I didn't even care if it was worth it at the time I wrote it, honestly, because I just wrote it for Nanoha and that was good enough for me. It was long and detailed but I was fine. I wanted to write this weird thing about how she'd fight and the results of that worked enough for me. It leaves off on a dubious cliffhanger... yeah.

IM is a story about my roleplay OCs and the past I was meant to give them. Especially Sarah, Josh, and Relin. Relin, who was always supposed to be Team Moon's original leader. I never actually told anyone. I dropped that a long time ago even though I planned on it being this epic length story thing that turned from romance into gen and... can you see why no one would have cared about this but me. I don't ever expect to go back one day and work on it unless I feel like tinkering with it out of nostalgic. Which I doubt it of itself because I've moved on and I'm not much of a roleplayer anymore. I love my RP characters, though, and I suppose they'll just live on in my head.

The more I think about IM, the less I'm keen on deleting it. There's a few more chapters I could just... spruce up one day and post. It isn't any worse than the other boatloads of OC driven stories out there. And it isn't any worse than, say, FWoO being an inspiration for another Nanoha fic... since it isn't much of a fic and I can admit to that much. And FWoO has a kudo... so that must mean something... oh, and IM has a kudo (but Zelda doesn't technically count, lol).
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Now that I'm (kind of) into NaNoWriMo and the Yuletide period has been going on for a month plus, I've thought about this a bit. Next year, I've already decided what I'll be doing exchange-wise. I won't be signing up for exchanges as much. I said I'd be doing this for a year to myself. Just to test out the waters and grind out my writing skills. And now that a full year has gone by and I've tried many things, I think I'll see what's next.

At least, not so many exchanges. It's not that I don't enjoy exchanges. In fact, I've learned a lot while doing exchanges about myself and the mistakes I make along the way. But I just would rather not sign up with a busy semester upcoming and all. After that? I don't know, honestly. Yuletide's of course a surefire thing and probably Trick or Treat again. Probably Chocolate Box, too. So, that doesn't mean I don't want to write in exchanges any longer. I still want to write treats for people, and I think it might help me to just work without the deadlines. The deadlines helped me focus, but I want try working without particular deadlines.

These thoughts are a bit on the rambly side. I'll think about it in the next few months, but I rather stick to fewer sign-ups, more treats.
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Dear Yuletide Writer,

Here we are again preparing for the holiday season! Since you're here, we share fandoms and I hope you're just as excited to write these fandoms. No matter what you matched on with me, I hope you have an amazing Yuletide season and enjoy whatever you end up writing! My likes/dislikes have largely remained the same for many of my letters, though feel free to look back at some of my old letters if you want to.

I really love all my fandoms, and I would be thrilled to receive any fic for any of my requested characters. I want to read a fic that’s based on not just what I potentially prompt but anything you also feel passionate about writing as well. The prompts and/or explanations I have listed below are help to give you some ideas for what I may enjoy reading. However, if you wish to write something different than what I have here, feel free to work outside the box. Admittedly, most of my prompts will sound very gen based, Still, that isn't all I'm interested in! I'm equally happy with either gen, ship, or smut fics depending on wherever your comfort zone lands.

For this Yuletide I have requested: Erased, Love Live! Sunshine!!, Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha, Pokemon GO, Tokyo Babylon, and X/1999.
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Title: Breathe, Move On
Fandom: Erased
Rating: T
Pairings: Sachiko/Akemi
Character(s): Sachiko, Akemi
Word Count: 3277 words
Summary: A chat, a mix of emotions, and two women who understand each other.
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Dear Relation Shipping writer,

I'm happy we matched on fandoms, and I can't tell you how thrilled I am to read what you write! I'm an easygoing person and love all types of stories. Of course everything in my letter are optional details that may interest you, but feel free let your imagination soar with my prompts. I'm fine with either plain romance to full on PWP if that's your thing.

For this exchange I've requested both art and fanfiction. I hope in my prompts I've given you some ideas in general for both. For art I like softer palette, watercolors, chibi, abstraction, surrealism, impressionism, Renaissance, gothic—essentially, many kinds of styles. I especially like to see nature/romantic settings like forests, ocean/beach, or stargazing.
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Nice to meet you, Trick or Treat writer/artist! I'm thrilled you and I matched on the fandoms I have requested below. Like always, these are potential prompts to work with and nothing set in stone for you to stick with entirely. I'll be happy to read whatever you may write or draw, because autumn and Halloween are basically my favorite season/holiday. Anything labeled as a (T) will be a treat prompt, and anything with a (Tr) will be a trick prompt for better clarity. For everything below I have both options for both fanfic and fanart open as possibilities. But please feel free to mix and match if you think of ideas.

For this exchange I have requested Love Live! Sunshine!!, Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica, Original Work, Owari no Seraph, Pokemon Go, Tokyo Babylon, Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle, X/1999, and xxxHoLiC.
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Dear FemslashEx writer,

I'm happy we matched on fandoms, and I can't tell you how thrilled I am to read what you write! I'm an easygoing person and love all types of stories. Of course everything in my letter are optional details that may interest you, but feel free let your imagination soar with my prompts. I'm fine with either plain romance to full on PWP if that's your thing.

For this exchange I've requested both art and fanfiction. I hope in my prompts I've given you some ideas in general for both. For art I like softer palette, watercolors, chibi, abstraction, surrealism, impressionism, Renaissance, Gothic—essentially, many kinds of styles. I especially like to see nature/romantic settings like forests, ocean/beach, or stargazing.
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Hello, fellow Darkest Night writer/artist! Dark fic has a special place in my heart, and I can't wait to read/see your story. Surely, you'll rip out my heartstrings (please be gentle). The psychological aspect of darkfic really takes my interest the most, and I want to see my favorite characters affecting each other's states of mind. Since you have an interest in writing any one of the below fandoms for me, I'll be happy with whatever you create. Honestly, feel free to mix and match the tags I've selected a bit for certain fandoms as long as they fit whatever you choose to write.

For this exchange I have requested X/1999, Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica, Gakkou Gurashi! School Live, Pokemon GO, and Owari no Seraph.
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Hey, fellow GenExer!

We're going to have a blast writing for this exchange, so I'm glad I have you as my trusty assigned writer! You share my fandoms and that automatically means you must be an awesome person. As for me, I'm pretty laidback and easy to write for and love to read all kinds of stories. So, you totally shouldn't have any problems as long as you note my DNWs and such.

For this exchange I have requested: Cardcaptor Sakura, Owari no Seraph, and Tokyo Babylon.
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For this exchange I have requested: Charlotte (Anime), Erased, Gochuumon wa Usagi Desu ka? | Is the Order a Rabbit?, il sole penetra le illusioni | Day Break Illusion, Mushishi, Pocket Monsters | Pokemon (Main Video Game Series), and Yuuki Yuuna wa Yuusha de aru | Yuki Yuna is a Hero.


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