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Two fics may have leave AO3...

So I've thought about this for a while and I think I might go ahead and do it. I'm going to delete Imperfect Moon and Forgotten World of Oddities from AO3 and just move them here. They're stories no one other than me would probably care about, and I don't really like the thought of them still being up over there if I don't think they're worth it. When I originally posted those stories I was scraping around for anything to post to my account. I didn't write as much fic, or stories in general, back then as I do nowadays.

FWoO was actually a roleplay sample for an RP site that died. I really was proud of my sign-up for that site. I didn't even care if it was worth it at the time I wrote it, honestly, because I just wrote it for Nanoha and that was good enough for me. It was long and detailed but I was fine. I wanted to write this weird thing about how she'd fight and the results of that worked enough for me. It leaves off on a dubious cliffhanger... yeah.

IM is a story about my roleplay OCs and the past I was meant to give them. Especially Sarah, Josh, and Relin. Relin, who was always supposed to be Team Moon's original leader. I never actually told anyone. I dropped that a long time ago even though I planned on it being this epic length story thing that turned from romance into gen and... can you see why no one would have cared about this but me. I don't ever expect to go back one day and work on it unless I feel like tinkering with it out of nostalgic. Which I doubt it of itself because I've moved on and I'm not much of a roleplayer anymore. I love my RP characters, though, and I suppose they'll just live on in my head.

The more I think about IM, the less I'm keen on deleting it. There's a few more chapters I could just... spruce up one day and post. It isn't any worse than the other boatloads of OC driven stories out there. And it isn't any worse than, say, FWoO being an inspiration for another Nanoha fic... since it isn't much of a fic and I can admit to that much. And FWoO has a kudo... so that must mean something... oh, and IM has a kudo (but Zelda doesn't technically count, lol).