Apr. 25th, 2015

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We're going to talk about the Pokėmon Ash x Misty story I owe my friend Zelda. And I should have given it to her about five years ago, so we're talking deadfully overdue here Notes on that in the fic whenever it comes.

In fact, the part I'm going to talk about is currently posted underneath this post because I alrwady showed it to Zelda. But it's locked. I'll probably unlock it when the polished version is out. Maybe that'll be ome a tradition in the case sonebody is interested in seeing that. Kind of doubt it, though.

So, before Christmas I started writing it. I was sooo pumped becayse yes finally this thing was going to get done. A week before Christmas, I was sooo going to get it done! It was going great. I had the drive for it... and then I wrote Magic's Tom story on that week's Friday and sort of spent more or less the whole day on it. Then the Yuletide happened the day after that. That was Light the Way Home.

Though I did track Zelda down in February when I saw her online. And I thought, I wrote this thing in December and you're going to read it even though I can't finish it for some reason even though, you know, most of the last half is written. It's just extremely rough. I gave her the first half of the story like I said and she seemed to like it and think it was cute. However... I realized then I didn't like a part of the beginning description, and now I"m going to change it. Because I don't know how i could make such a grave mistake in the first place as what I put, especially because the error doesn't fit with what I'm imagining here at all.

Kind of pointless to mention, kind of not. Thought I had more to say about it, but I might just go over when I do the next reflection on it. It's sort of a bit on the editing process. Because I originally thought it was perfect the way it was and I didn't have to change anything. It was supposed to be shorter than what it's turning into it, really. This is how strange imagery is sometimes.


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