Nov. 20th, 2016

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Now that I'm (kind of) into NaNoWriMo and the Yuletide period has been going on for a month plus, I've thought about this a bit. Next year, I've already decided what I'll be doing exchange-wise. I won't be signing up for exchanges as much. I said I'd be doing this for a year to myself. Just to test out the waters and grind out my writing skills. And now that a full year has gone by and I've tried many things, I think I'll see what's next.

At least, not so many exchanges. It's not that I don't enjoy exchanges. In fact, I've learned a lot while doing exchanges about myself and the mistakes I make along the way. But I just would rather not sign up with a busy semester upcoming and all. After that? I don't know, honestly. Yuletide's of course a surefire thing and probably Trick or Treat again. Probably Chocolate Box, too. So, that doesn't mean I don't want to write in exchanges any longer. I still want to write treats for people, and I think it might help me to just work without the deadlines. The deadlines helped me focus, but I want try working without particular deadlines.

These thoughts are a bit on the rambly side. I'll think about it in the next few months, but I rather stick to fewer sign-ups, more treats.


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