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Reflection time on A Warm Place and Light the Way Home (or, Despair and Hope as the working title was before I axed it).

My regrets for this two are simple. I had to cut things for time. AWP would have been heartwarming with a lot more dialogue and hurt/comfort. That's how it goes in my head when I think of it. As I have said already LWH would have benefited from action scenes such as a Sayaka and Homura one. I regretted not adding it in, though my peaceful resolution may also have seemed probable.

Yes, expanded. I've never really seen Arf and Fate's landing on Earth before the first season explored. Not that there's that much more to state I eouldn't think, really—Precia brought them there and they fended for themselves. Yet I wonder.

LWH was written in less than two days, which was a newer challenge on my end. Rarely do I write so much at once. But I was proud of my 4,000 word marker. Most pinch hits written at the time are up to 3,000 words and seem to average 1-2,000. While "A Warn Place" instantly came to mind when the story was finished, Despair and Hope was a working title of the greatest height. No, I didn't like it much from the moment it popped into my head until I changed it. Based on the finish for LWH it sits better with me. Besides, I watched Rebellion raw and worried I had details wrong. I remedied that with wiki pages and summaries as soon the prompt was mine, especially Sayaka snd Nagisa's info.

AWP was written for the most part a week before Christmas when I posted it. Part of me was happy it was a treat; the other kept tweaking the word count in frustration because I was 20 words over the limit and kept consulting AO3. I managed to cut out the extra fat but not the ideas sprung up along the way.

Both of these stories are a bit interweaved because they were written for the same Yuletide, I think. Not to mention I tried to cram Tom's and Zelda's Pokeshipping fic (nearly done, nearly I say!) at once.

Will something come of these stories? Perhaps, in due time. I have the urge to continue. Maybe even multi chapter stories. But I don't see them being too long. Just sweet, cotton candy fluffy things with a light taste.
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