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Still not much to say about this story. Okay, maybe there's something. Says the paragraphs below this sentence. But! Okay, I do have something to say. After a long slump, my motivation's been piqued. Zelda has been alerted once again to my burning passionate desire to write a story for her ship. I have begun to chop up the story a bit into a continuum!

What does that mean? Well, this story is planned to be a few chapters in length. I have broken my initial ideas and this will not be a one-shot in so many ways (in spirit, perhaps) but technically I want to edit this thing out into nicer bite sized chapters. Thus far, I've broken it up into four linear chapters. There—extremely slim chance, I don't want this to go on forever—five or six chapters. Depends how much more screentime is needed inbetween for certain characters.

The only problem is Misty. Most of this story is centered around Ash. It was always supposed to be, and it still will revolve around his awkward good-heartedness. But as the story's expanded a bit in the quantity I decided she needs a little more screentime to validate her feelings, so she'll have it.

Also, there's going to be OCs in this story. This was not meant to happen! When I finally started to rewrite, these OCs popped into my head and just made sense like a regular episode of Pokemon. Not to mention why I'm also looking up a little more information to make this story authetic to the city I'm using. I don't know how well-recieved they'll be recieved (and, no, they are not going to stand in Misty and Ash's way—this is a story purely about them) but they're going to guide the story a bit and give Ash his motivation.

Oh, also, back around Christmas I wanted to have this thing published on here without having a beta look at it. That's changing, because now that this story will be longer, and I have no time limit this time and the novelty of starting has weaned off a bit, I'm going to consult someone after I'm done with this story. That still might be a while. But! Now I know what should happen in the story from the beginning to end. I have four chapters with some events going on in each so far. That's a feather in my cap, I'd say.


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