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So now I have four people that want my Ash x Misty fic. Impressive.

I guess talking to Zelda actually helped me. The other day I once again ambushed her on Skype and told her the story was at 7,500 words. She said she was excited to read it. Good, good. That was an accomplishment brought about from a burst of energy. Over the weekend I wrote quite a bit, and today I filled in more gaps. I'm around 10,500. A little over.

I asked Elite what she thought of my long-windedness and she said I was crazy. Maybe I am crazy. This story was at least supposed to be 7,500 words, not whatever it is amounting to. I joked to Elite I'd make it about 20,000 words (I'd be surprised if I did hit that milestone).

The more I stare at this story, I don't think it's quite as big of a leap as I think it'll be in the end. To get to 20,000 words mark, that is. The story is a bit of a mess as I write and will eventually have to rewrite. But these things take time. My biggest problem is still what to do with Misty, but I'm starting to find a focus for her.

I also started a small SeiSub fic minutes prior to writing/posting this entry, so I hope I finish that soon. In fact, it's in the same document I'm writing this post in.


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