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2017-02-28 10:37 am
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I believe the journal will need to go through a bit of a makeover in the near future. There are many things I want to fix up in several posts. It makes me wish I had only one account, but I still stay by it being easier that both are separate a lot more organized. I don't know what I specifically what to do with tags, but I guess they're fine the way they are, mostly. I want to fix up the posts with fics (and actually add what others I have... which will take several posts itself).
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2016-11-20 10:41 pm
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About the future...

Now that I'm (kind of) into NaNoWriMo and the Yuletide period has been going on for a month plus, I've thought about this a bit. Next year, I've already decided what I'll be doing exchange-wise. I won't be signing up for exchanges as much. I said I'd be doing this for a year to myself. Just to test out the waters and grind out my writing skills. And now that a full year has gone by and I've tried many things, I think I'll see what's next.

At least, not so many exchanges. It's not that I don't enjoy exchanges. In fact, I've learned a lot while doing exchanges about myself and the mistakes I make along the way. But I just would rather not sign up with a busy semester upcoming and all. After that? I don't know, honestly. Yuletide's of course a surefire thing and probably Trick or Treat again. Probably Chocolate Box, too. So, that doesn't mean I don't want to write in exchanges any longer. I still want to write treats for people, and I think it might help me to just work without the deadlines. The deadlines helped me focus, but I want try working without particular deadlines.

These thoughts are a bit on the rambly side. I'll think about it in the next few months, but I rather stick to fewer sign-ups, more treats.
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2015-11-23 10:21 pm
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A thing I posted Tumblr first, but pertains to my writing, so...

Since I think one person followed me after I posted chapter one of Dancing Through Starry Skies and is probably waiting for an update on that… .

I think the second chapter will have to wait until sometime in December. Like I said, most of the story is written. But I’ve realized, looking back over the story itself with fresh eyes after a few months worth of time, there are bits and parts that I can add to make this story even better than what it is. I don’t think the OC parts will cause the problems, but Misty’s involvement is, and I want her to get equal treatment in this story. It is half about her! I want Zelda to read the best story possible I can dish out for her.

Besides that, I’m working on a Seishirou x Subaru (ish…?) NaNoWriMo at the moment. And that’s just not going to get done by itself, and I have lot of work to do on that before the end of the month. This is my second priority after school work (which is, as you know it, due before Thanksgiving Day, yay).

Don’t get too excited if someone actually wants to read it, though. As it looks now it looks awful and would need serious revision that wouldn’t happen until next year. My hands are tied with writing until then. Add onto that the CLAMP Secret Santa and Yuletide, goodbye free time! I’m happy to do all this!

But yeah, there’s an explanation if somebody wants an update on fic things.