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So, it's the New Year! And I told myself I'd do a 2016 wrap-up for my fanfiction. I've come a long way in the previous year. This includes everything I wrote during 2016. Some stuff will be from a little earlier (2014-5) since I didn't write much before 2016 and never put those in any other kind of post. Yuletide was my real starting point, and this past 2016 I was pretty productive also. Most stories are varied ships but I've also written gen.

Under the cut fandoms include: Bleach, Cardcaptor Sakura, Death Note, Erased, Gakkou Gurashi! (School Live!), Inuyasha, Love Live! School Idol Festival, Love Live! School Idol Project, Love Live! Sunshine!!, Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica, Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha, Original Work (because why not), Pokemon (anime/game), Pokemon GO, Tokyo Babylon, Tsubasa Reservior Chronicle, and X/1999.

One day, I'll have to get all the links to the fics on AO3/FFN. (One day, everything will be crossposted to my Dreamwidth... one day.)

I hope to have more written in time for next year's wrap-up post. Until 2018, everyone!
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So I've thought about this for a while and I think I might go ahead and do it. I'm going to delete Imperfect Moon and Forgotten World of Oddities from AO3 and just move them here. They're stories no one other than me would probably care about, and I don't really like the thought of them still being up over there if I don't think they're worth it. When I originally posted those stories I was scraping around for anything to post to my account. I didn't write as much fic, or stories in general, back then as I do nowadays.

FWoO was actually a roleplay sample for an RP site that died. I really was proud of my sign-up for that site. I didn't even care if it was worth it at the time I wrote it, honestly, because I just wrote it for Nanoha and that was good enough for me. It was long and detailed but I was fine. I wanted to write this weird thing about how she'd fight and the results of that worked enough for me. It leaves off on a dubious cliffhanger... yeah.

IM is a story about my roleplay OCs and the past I was meant to give them. Especially Sarah, Josh, and Relin. Relin, who was always supposed to be Team Moon's original leader. I never actually told anyone. I dropped that a long time ago even though I planned on it being this epic length story thing that turned from romance into gen and... can you see why no one would have cared about this but me. I don't ever expect to go back one day and work on it unless I feel like tinkering with it out of nostalgic. Which I doubt it of itself because I've moved on and I'm not much of a roleplayer anymore. I love my RP characters, though, and I suppose they'll just live on in my head.

The more I think about IM, the less I'm keen on deleting it. There's a few more chapters I could just... spruce up one day and post. It isn't any worse than the other boatloads of OC driven stories out there. And it isn't any worse than, say, FWoO being an inspiration for another Nanoha fic... since it isn't much of a fic and I can admit to that much. And FWoO has a kudo... so that must mean something... oh, and IM has a kudo (but Zelda doesn't technically count, lol).
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So now I have four people that want my Ash x Misty fic. Impressive.

I guess talking to Zelda actually helped me. The other day I once again ambushed her on Skype and told her the story was at 7,500 words. She said she was excited to read it. Good, good. That was an accomplishment brought about from a burst of energy. Over the weekend I wrote quite a bit, and today I filled in more gaps. I'm around 10,500. A little over.

I asked Elite what she thought of my long-windedness and she said I was crazy. Maybe I am crazy. This story was at least supposed to be 7,500 words, not whatever it is amounting to. I joked to Elite I'd make it about 20,000 words (I'd be surprised if I did hit that milestone).

The more I stare at this story, I don't think it's quite as big of a leap as I think it'll be in the end. To get to 20,000 words mark, that is. The story is a bit of a mess as I write and will eventually have to rewrite. But these things take time. My biggest problem is still what to do with Misty, but I'm starting to find a focus for her.

I also started a small SeiSub fic minutes prior to writing/posting this entry, so I hope I finish that soon. In fact, it's in the same document I'm writing this post in.
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Still not much to say about this story. Okay, maybe there's something. Says the paragraphs below this sentence. But! Okay, I do have something to say. After a long slump, my motivation's been piqued. Zelda has been alerted once again to my burning passionate desire to write a story for her ship. I have begun to chop up the story a bit into a continuum!

What does that mean? Well, this story is planned to be a few chapters in length. I have broken my initial ideas and this will not be a one-shot in so many ways (in spirit, perhaps) but technically I want to edit this thing out into nicer bite sized chapters. Thus far, I've broken it up into four linear chapters. There—extremely slim chance, I don't want this to go on forever—five or six chapters. Depends how much more screentime is needed inbetween for certain characters.

The only problem is Misty. Most of this story is centered around Ash. It was always supposed to be, and it still will revolve around his awkward good-heartedness. But as the story's expanded a bit in the quantity I decided she needs a little more screentime to validate her feelings, so she'll have it.

Also, there's going to be OCs in this story. This was not meant to happen! When I finally started to rewrite, these OCs popped into my head and just made sense like a regular episode of Pokemon. Not to mention why I'm also looking up a little more information to make this story authetic to the city I'm using. I don't know how well-recieved they'll be recieved (and, no, they are not going to stand in Misty and Ash's way—this is a story purely about them) but they're going to guide the story a bit and give Ash his motivation.

Oh, also, back around Christmas I wanted to have this thing published on here without having a beta look at it. That's changing, because now that this story will be longer, and I have no time limit this time and the novelty of starting has weaned off a bit, I'm going to consult someone after I'm done with this story. That still might be a while. But! Now I know what should happen in the story from the beginning to end. I have four chapters with some events going on in each so far. That's a feather in my cap, I'd say.
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We're going to talk about the Pokėmon Ash x Misty story I owe my friend Zelda. And I should have given it to her about five years ago, so we're talking deadfully overdue here Notes on that in the fic whenever it comes.

In fact, the part I'm going to talk about is currently posted underneath this post because I alrwady showed it to Zelda. But it's locked. I'll probably unlock it when the polished version is out. Maybe that'll be ome a tradition in the case sonebody is interested in seeing that. Kind of doubt it, though.

So, before Christmas I started writing it. I was sooo pumped becayse yes finally this thing was going to get done. A week before Christmas, I was sooo going to get it done! It was going great. I had the drive for it... and then I wrote Magic's Tom story on that week's Friday and sort of spent more or less the whole day on it. Then the Yuletide happened the day after that. That was Light the Way Home.

Though I did track Zelda down in February when I saw her online. And I thought, I wrote this thing in December and you're going to read it even though I can't finish it for some reason even though, you know, most of the last half is written. It's just extremely rough. I gave her the first half of the story like I said and she seemed to like it and think it was cute. However... I realized then I didn't like a part of the beginning description, and now I"m going to change it. Because I don't know how i could make such a grave mistake in the first place as what I put, especially because the error doesn't fit with what I'm imagining here at all.

Kind of pointless to mention, kind of not. Thought I had more to say about it, but I might just go over when I do the next reflection on it. It's sort of a bit on the editing process. Because I originally thought it was perfect the way it was and I didn't have to change anything. It was supposed to be shorter than what it's turning into it, really. This is how strange imagery is sometimes.
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Reflection time on A Warm Place and Light the Way Home (or, Despair and Hope as the working title was before I axed it).

My regrets for this two are simple. I had to cut things for time. AWP would have been heartwarming with a lot more dialogue and hurt/comfort. That's how it goes in my head when I think of it. As I have said already LWH would have benefited from action scenes such as a Sayaka and Homura one. I regretted not adding it in, though my peaceful resolution may also have seemed probable.

Yes, expanded. I've never really seen Arf and Fate's landing on Earth before the first season explored. Not that there's that much more to state I eouldn't think, really—Precia brought them there and they fended for themselves. Yet I wonder.

LWH was written in less than two days, which was a newer challenge on my end. Rarely do I write so much at once. But I was proud of my 4,000 word marker. Most pinch hits written at the time are up to 3,000 words and seem to average 1-2,000. While "A Warn Place" instantly came to mind when the story was finished, Despair and Hope was a working title of the greatest height. No, I didn't like it much from the moment it popped into my head until I changed it. Based on the finish for LWH it sits better with me. Besides, I watched Rebellion raw and worried I had details wrong. I remedied that with wiki pages and summaries as soon the prompt was mine, especially Sayaka snd Nagisa's info.

AWP was written for the most part a week before Christmas when I posted it. Part of me was happy it was a treat; the other kept tweaking the word count in frustration because I was 20 words over the limit and kept consulting AO3. I managed to cut out the extra fat but not the ideas sprung up along the way.

Both of these stories are a bit interweaved because they were written for the same Yuletide, I think. Not to mention I tried to cram Tom's and Zelda's Pokeshipping fic (nearly done, nearly I say!) at once.

Will something come of these stories? Perhaps, in due time. I have the urge to continue. Maybe even multi chapter stories. But I don't see them being too long. Just sweet, cotton candy fluffy things with a light taste.


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