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Chocolate Box 2017 Letter

Hello, fellow Chocolatier!

Thank you for taking the time to look at this letter, or write or draw for me at all. It's great to see people matching with my canons. I'm open to many things ranging from gen to pwp. The prompts I've listed are starting points, so please don't feel like I'm limiting you to them. Last year I participated in Chocolate Box and I hope we both have a great experience this time! For everything listed below I'm requesting fanfiction and artwork.

For this exchange I have requested: Cardcaptor Sakura, Mahou Shoujo Ikusei Keikaku | Magical Girl Raising Project (Anime), Keijo!, Love Live! Sunshine!!, Original Work, Pocket Monsters | Pokemon (Main Video Game Series), Tokyo Babylon, Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle, X/1999, and Yuri!!! on Ice (Anime).

General Likes

  • fluff: domestic, hand holding, forehead touches, brushing air/running hands through hair, compliments and hugs
  • canon divergence, holiday fic, case fic
  • angst, drama, SoL, hurt/comfort, bittersweet or happy endings
  • possessiveness, jealousy, sticking too close at all times
  • unacquainted love that causes a mix of emotions
  • enemies working towards a common goal
  • gray amorality and the problems of each decision
  • fantasy, full on romance or hints, action, adventure
  • twisted love, self-loathing, manipulation fluff for right/wrong reasons
  • character burdening themselves until they breakdown and need help
  • good intentions that are completely twisted
  • romantic imagery, art or literature references
  • betrayal, traumatic or intense feelings, bottling up emotions
  • co-dependency, devotion, loyalty
  • complications with being soulmates
  • kidnapping, messed up ways of showing affection, arranged marriage
  • self-destruction tendencies, power imbalances
  • anything with adorable animals, pets
  • slow burn, missing scenes, friends to lovers, fixing failed relationships, changing fate, things going wrong and navigating the outcomes
  • introspection/character studies
  • sexual tensions and what feelings lead to

  • AUs I like: Pokemon, Pokemon GO, Harry Potter, platonic life partners (meaning, I like seeing how characters were meant to find each other and how fate lead them to each other), knights and royalty, childhood friends, assassin AUs, historical (feudal Japan, ancient China, ancient Romans, etc), flower shop, hospitals, art schools, another fandom you notice I really enjoy (too many to list), Puella Magi Madoka Magica, magical girls

    Art prompts and/or images: hugs/cuddling, kisses, fruits, festival themes, harvest moon or harvest fields full of crops, abandoned buildings, castle ruins, dark forests at night, lanterns or millions of lights in the darkness (fireflies), fire or ice or other elements, seasons (especially autumn because it's my favorite with falling and colorful leaves and pumpkins), candy/wrappers, pastel colors, digital or traditional art, bleak surroundings, intricate details or monochrome or complementary colors, blood and/or weapons like scythes/swords, abstract/surreal, chibi, animals (especially bunnies), sun/moon shots, interesting plays on shading and lighting


  • d/s dynamics, collars for ownership, light BDSM, the emotions of such relationships and the emotional connection
  • biting/marking, leaving small reminders that someone is theirs
  • dub/con, the smudged lines of lust and romance and pride wrapped into one jumble and the internal struggle of those involved for whatever reasons
  • blindfolds, spanking, formal clothing
  • cuddling, first times, focus on the senses, body worship, praise kink
  • ritual sex: mostly in context of cultural or family custom
  • bloodplay, knifeplay, something threatening but thrilling
  • slow but sweet sex, awkwardness, partners constantly checking on each other

  • DNWs: scat/watersports, vore, body mutilation, body fluids (besides blood, sweat, tears, or sexual fluids), genderbend, mpreg, pregnancy/kidfic (one exception below), bestiality, 1st/2nd POV, character bashing, infidelity, full on non-con/rape
    Note: I know I put 1st/2nd POV as a DNW in my sign-up, but after some thought I think I may be willing to read about these a bit more, especially 1st POV.

    Cardcaptor Sakura

    I'm okay with anything from the anime, manga, or Clear Card arc.

    Kinomoto Touya/Tsukishiro Yukito/Yue

    I know all these prompts tend to surround Yue coming into the Touya/Yukito relationship but I"m fine with anything else pre-established just being fluffy.

    — How does Yue fit into the Touya/Yukito dynamic and how does he express his thoughts?
    — Futurefic in which Yue being around isn't so shocking and isn't so bad, even for Yue.
    — Touya actively trying to learn more about Yue and work him into the relationship. Yue isn't amused right away.
    — Yukito and Touya spending a lot of time together and Yue wanting to be apart of it.
    — Yue somehow giving Yukito advice about Touya (through notes, etc.) and it leading to him being more involved than he thought?

    Daidouji Tomoyo/Kinomoto Sakura

    — I guess it goes without saying—any outfits that Tomoyo may come up with for Sakua.
    — Futurefic. What are they doing even in high school, or beyond in college?
    — What about if Sakura had realized that Tomoyo loved her after all?
    — Fluffy stuff where maybe Sakura gets sick while doiing card captures and Tomoyo takes care of her.
    — I'd really love an AU for these two. Could be a full mage AU, or Tomoyo's already a fashion designer, or even royalty.

    art prompts: art with the newer Clear Arc cards, outfits, sweets, kisses, Yue being a looming presence over Touya and Yukito (in a good way), flowers

    Mahou Shoujo Ikusei Keikaku | Magical Girl Raising Project (Anime)

    I'm okay with breaking boundaries, especially for trust, if it means that the characters find out each other's real identities. I know that's pretty taboo in this series and that's why I don't mind that tension.

    I'd like to say I'm fine with novel spoilers, but I've only read the first novel and started the second as of this letter. I'm not sure how much more I'll get done by reveals. Still, feel free to pick details if they fit.

    Nemurin/Snow White

    — Though they only knew each other a short time, I thought their conversations were sweet. Anything with Nemurin and Snow White just getting to know each other.
    — Maybe Nemurin doesn't die so soon. She isn't the first to go, so does she end up partnering with Snow White somehow? Does she use dreams as a way to protect Snow White, or how does Snow White help her?
    — Adventures in dream land. Dream and unrealistic sex, if you go for that.
    — This is more of a novel spoiler, but I want to address this too—Nemurin doesn't die immediately after she is killed and manages to dream hop for months afterward. Does she enter Snow White's dreams, and how do they form a connection? What does Nemurin think about what happens after she's dead? Does Nemurin will herself to keep coming back to Snow White and what pulls their relationship closer?
    — Honestly, a cute picture of them chilling in pajamas and doing something fun like games or eating snacks or whatever would be nice.

    Hardgore Alice/Snow White

    — Hardcore Alice's death was tragic, and I'd really love to her somehow get out of Swim Swim clutches and survive. Snow White arrives faster? Or if not that, snippets before her death that endear her more to Snow White.
    — Times they saved people's lives. Snow White realizing that Hardcore Alice was much more sincere and accepts her.
    — Snow White realizes she helped Ako with her key much earlier and remembers who she was. What does that lead to?
    — Moments that Snow White might come across Ako, or the two meeting each other on accident not in magical girl form but recognizing who they both are.
    — It's very strongly hinted that (more explicitly obvious in the novel), because of the things in her life, Ako was planning suicide. How does Snow White come to this conclusion or help her? Or how does Hardgore Alice comfort Snow White when she's especially fed up with everything that's going on in the game?
    — Blood. Lots of blood. And Snow White just... getting used to it without knowing when that happened.
    — The contrasts in their attires! Hardcore Alice made herself to be the black to Snow White's white, and I'd love to see more of that mentioned. Their contrasts and similarities and fitting together.

    Ripple & Top Speed

    — I really love their friendship and how Top Speed is the bubbly to Ripple's gruffness. I want to see Top Speed nudging at Ripple's shell.
    — Maybe they share more meals together, or they go out somewhere.
    — What are magical girl activities like for them? What do they think about each other?
    — Ripple does something nice to Top Speed out of nowhere and I love teasing.
    — Top Speed gives advice to Ripple about something. Anything that shows them breaking boundaries.
    — What about Top Speed's baby? I normally don't request kidfic, but for these two I wouldn't mind seeing Top Speed live her dream to have her child and Ripple begrudgingly helping her out. Does Ripple babysit for her (on a magical girl errand, if you want to be adventurous). Still, I'd like the Top Speed and Ripple relationship to be the focus.
    — What do they do after the death game if they survive?
    — I love the thought of Top Speed being a "bad influence" from her past days and it causing all kinds of trouble Ripple totally hates but doesn't muster up the feeling to object to.
    — Is Ripple invited into Top Speed's family more than she thought since she can't return to her own home?

    Ruler & Swim Swim

    — Tell me about Swim's Swim's adoration for Ruler! I don't think this is capitalized enough in canon, and I'd love to know Swim Swim's thought processes about Ruler in detail. This can go fluffy or dark.
    — Swim Swim's need to feel validated as a princess. What started that besides Nemurin encouraging her to become a princess? Her belief that Ruler's words are everything she needs. What else does Ruler do that make Swim Swim so invested in the idea?
    — Moments do they spend together that make Swim Swim feel indebted to her.
    — Swim Swim didn't kill Ruler. It's really quite mystifying why she'd kill her besides succeeding her. What would they have accomplished together?
    — Anything else that Swim Swim may learn from Ruler.
    — Ruler praises and appreciates Swim Swim in general.

    Ripple/Snow White

    — I especially want to know what happens to Snow White and Ripple after the series. What do they do next? Do they end up learning as much as they want to about the Land of Magic? What are their experiences with the magical girls/creatures there?
    — If Ripple stay in their own territories (or branch out elsewhere) are they warmly welcomed, or do they have problems? Does Ripple decide to leave first and Snow White follows after her?
    — Fluff showing how they move on with their lives. Cuddles, nightmares in the middle of the night they have to call each other for, things only the both of them understand.

    Sister Nana/Weiss Winterprison

    — Ah, they're so cute together! I really want to see them do all kinds of awesome things and just being fluffy.
    — What if, together, they somehow did make all the magical girls cooperate against Fav and Clamberry? What kind of celebration would they have in private?
    — Things Winterprison or Sister Nana would do to protect each other.
    — While I think they're cute, I think they have some issues. Winterprison is very lenient on whatever Sister Nana wants to do. I'm thinking of Sister Nana walking straight to Swim Swim when they knew it was a bad idea without much preplanning—it's far too optimistic and obviously lead to Winterprison's death. Is Winterprison that giving, or is she jelly-legged and can't argue?
    — Anything cute with domestic fluff (chores, holding hands, routines).

    art prompts: standing back to back fighting, cute magical girl poses, magical girl outfits, fighting in general, stars, candles


    The courage and compassion the girls show each other, as well as their hard work and dedication, make everything so enjoyable. So I'd love to see how they continue to work hard to live their dreams in the gambling world of Keijo—or, of course, find interest in each other through their many races.

    Aoba Kazane/Kusakai Mio

    — I loved their first battle and Aoba's tactics against Kusakai. I'd love to see more about that where Kusakai tries to show off her raw charms, but Aoba isn't having it because she knows how to handle herself in a race.
    — More breast hypnotizing? (Bonus if Aoba snaps out of it but goes along with it, and Kusakai knows but doesn't mention it.)
    — Kusakai loves that Aoba is shy. So, how does she, as a really outgoing person, try to get Aoba's attention? Does she give her gifts, love letters, be intimate in practice?
    — Kusakai makes good on all her teasing and does take Aoba "to bed"—and it's not what they she expected in a good way.

    Kaminashi Nozomi/Shirayuki Kyoko

    — More about them training—maybe this time with breasts? Or another move that's not just physical? What else might Nozomi not understand Kyoko can teach her?
    — Meeting up at the pros and racing it out. I don't know who'd win, but I'd love to know!
    — Going out and doing regular sorts of stuff (grabbing something to eat, talking about other Keijo players, reminicing about their time at the Keijo school and techniques).
    — Kyoko not giving Nozomi any workaround during the pros and Nozomi being 100% okay with that because she's a pro now.

    art prompts: standing back-to-back shots, touching

    Love Live! Sunshine!!

    Takami Chika/Watanabe You

    — Sailor AU where You and Chika are at sea! They can get lost, or explor an island, or anything just with adventure.
    — More about Chika recognizing You's feelings when she's down about possibly being booted out of Chika's immediate friendship circle with Riko around.
    — A snippet from their childhood.
    — Anything about them trying to keep Aqours going towards the Love Live!
    — Just spending some time together (going to movies, eating dinner, playing games).

    Kunikida Hanamaru & Kurosawa Dia
    Kunikida Hanamaru/Kurosawa Dia

    These two don't interact much in canon, but I like how they came together to do the best thing they could for Ruby when she joined Aqours. I like the understanding angle they have, and probably a shared compassion for reading and traditional customs.

    — One day they talk about books and find they have similar tastes. Maybe Dia says they have to get rid of books from the library for some reason (to Hanamaru's horror) or add books (to Hanamaru's delight).
    — Hanamaru helps Dia with something for the Student Council when all the other members are busy and Ruby's gone.
    — A moment when Hanamaru finds Dia scary (like when they first met) but realizes later that she isn't so bad and she's a dork.
    — Anything during practice or being an idol that the two aren't so sure about. And in Dia's case, need to get back in the swing of.

    art prompts: ship at seas, traditional clothing (stuff like the New Years Dia UR from SIF), Chika doing You's hair or something else that's nice and brings them closer

    Original Work

    For pairings without gender, I prefer male or female slash over het.

    Time Traveller/Immortal

    — Two people separated by time and space! When do the time traveler and immortal meet?
    — The time traveler might not have always been able to travel through time—so how do they get that ability, and was that the immortal's doing? The immortal may not have wanted them to leave their side in a way...
    — Did the mortal ask the time travel to go back to the past for them? Or do they ask for the person to see their future and know if they eventually die (assuming they are sick of living)? The time traveler may have to lie if the future's bad—but what dilemma comes with telling that to an immortal?
    — The time traveler may have to get some item for another time for the immortal. What is it, and what does the immortal need it for?
    — First impressions the time traveler has are wrong. But somehow they keep stumbling upon this immortal in their race through time and learn new snippets about them through the years.

    Female Magic User/Female Magic User

    — Magic is everything good in life, and I'd love to see it used between two powerful users! It could be new mages that are learning to fight.
    — Tournaments. A fight that breaks out in the woods over something that leads to something more.
    — The two mages sharing details about their different magics (fire and ice, for example).
    — A rivalry where the two just have magical powers and they go on an adventure or work towards something they need each other's magic for.

    Female Royal of Kingdom A/Female Royal of Kingdom B

    — First meeting! How does it go? When and how do they meet—and is it really in court? Have they always known each other?
    — Say Kingdom's B's royal is coming for a visit. Does the royal of Kingdom A like to sneak out from her bodyguards, and Kingdom B's royal meets her on accident in the streets? And later they realize who they both are?
    — Arranged marriage can be a possibility here. Why are they marrying each other? Is it to save their kingdoms and combine them? Maybe they end up hating each other.
    — A little bittersweetness. Royal A and B may have to settle at first for their marriage but slowly open up to each other. Or first love on sight is great.
    — Darker things with betrayal and politics and Royal A and Royal B playing each other in a cut-throat way.

    art prompts: castles, fancy dresses, hourglasses, magic, a mix of colors, jewelry, drinking tea, fighting in a battle, preparing to attack, snippets of characters in different environments for immortal

    Pocket Monsters | Pokemon (Main Video Game Series)


    — Moon helps Lillie feel more self-confident? Lillie doesn't always feel very sure of herself and Moon might.
    — Anything with Lillie traveling with Moon.
    — Cute moments between Lillie, Moon, and Nebby, maybe all sharing a fireplace.
    — Moon helping Lillie get used to Pokemon battling. Maybe she lets her use one of her Pokemon, and it's just easygoing. (Bonus if whoever wins gets a favor?)

    Mimikyu & Pikachu

    — What started MImikyu hating Pikachu? Did it run into a mean Pikachu?
    — What does Mimikyu think whenever it sees Pikachu merchandise?
    — Pikachu ever trying to calm Mimikyu down. It tries to be MImikyu's friend even if Mimikyu isn't too excited.
    — What humans think of MImikyu, and Pikachu potentially feeling sad for it.
    — MImikyu and Pikachu just playing after settling their differences.

    art prompts: any Pikachu merandise (plushies, hats, shirts), Pikachu and Mimikyu standing next to each other (playing fighting, Lillie and Moon walking in the forst/sharing a campfire

    Tokyo Babylon

    Sakurazuka Seishirou/Sumeragi Subaru

    — Seishirou's mask falling off sooner than expected. Does Subaru accept it without caring, or does he?
    — Subaru deciding he won't just sit around and decides to get revenge (albeit, this means finding Seishirou)
    — Anything after post-canon, because that's one of my favorite places to explore. Do Seishirou and Subaru run into each other all the time, and how do they hurt each other or try to get the other to notice them?
    — Seishirou accompanying Subaru on a job. Does he realize he needed to come along or not, and does Subaru surprise him a little?
    — Different meeting? Seishirou finds out more about Subaru's family and it leads to more teasing?

    Lady Sumeragi & Sumeragi Subaru

    — Normally Subaru works alone, but does Lady Sumeragi have to help him at one point in a job?
    — Just them sharing a conversation over tea.
    — Moments from Subaru's childhood—what does she see in Subaru that she didn't see in Hokuto originally?
    — Anything about Lady Sumeragi giving Subaru advice.
    — Subaru does something nice for her. He usually is pretty busy, but it would be like him to help her if he wants to send her a present/goes home for some reason.

    art prompts: blood, sharing tea, sweets, cherry blossoms, animals, training

    Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle

    Fay D. Fluorite & Mokona Modoki
    Kurogane & Mokona Modoki

    I love Mokona, and I adore her interactions with Fai and Kurogane so much! She gets along with Fai so well, but you can't deny that she loves picking on Kurogane.

    — Anything about Mokona and Fai or Kurogane sharing a new experience.
    — Mokona realizing what Fai or Kurogane feel before they know themselves. Likely angst, but Mokona can always help!
    — Mokona being sad about something and it's up to Fai or Kurogane helping her out.
    — Anything about Mokona's ability to translate languages and her asking them about their cultures if she doesn't know.
    — The one time (or five times fic) where Kurogane is annoyed by Mokona. And then that time he isn't. Mokona's... not so bad.
    — Fai and Mokona being happily drunk and all the chaos that'll ensue afterwards.
    — Post-series and talking about the future.
    — I'll never get tired of art where Mokona is sits on someone's shoulders/head. Or Fai or Kurogane giving her someone cute as a gift.

    Fai D. Fluorite & Kurogane
    Fay D. Fluorite/Kurogane

    I'm fine with platonic or shippy stuff as long they're both being awesome! I'm especially interested in post-series, or Fai as a vampire.

    — Fai drinking Kurogane's blood and all the back-and-forth that goes with that.
    — What happens if Fai can't drink Kurogane's blood right away, and how does Kurogane handle that when he finds him?
    — Post-series fic. What happens to them aftewards, and what challenges are there?
    — Fighting monsters in general and having each other's backs during rough times. Do they have to do something like slay a dragon to save a country, or something worse?
    — That one time they both open up to each other about something for the first time, and neither of them really feels bad later. And Fai probably doesn't get it at first but it doesn't bite him back like he thinks it will.
    — Anything set in Infinity. How gritty is it in particular there in all chess matches? Are there other problems they face there?

    art prompts: talking over tea, fighting monsters in general, Mokona saving the day, Kurogane not looking so annoyed with Mokona, Fai and Mokona toasting drinks


    Sakura Tree/Sakurazuka Seishirou

    — Things the tree sees that Seishirou doesn't and protects him from.
    — POV history over the Sakurazukamori and how Seishirou fits into it (or is much more important).
    — Any time the tree helps Seishirou when he may need power/eats souls.
    — Moments after Seishirou becomes the Sakurazukamori the tree may not recognize him as the Sakurazukamori.
    — Or did the tree always think he had potential to be a great Sakurazukamori?

    Shirou Kamui/Sumeragi Subaru

    — After the Promised Day—Kamui would have had to live in this scenario, and Subaru's a wreck anyway. So coping and healing and all that jazz.
    — Fun things they come up with to do when the world is crashing down. It can be pretty tame whatever it is—cooking comfort food (and both of them being clumsy).
    — Kamui being interested in onmyoujitsu.
    — Subaru protecting Kamui from someone or something.
    — More tutoring lessons, if you can think of something for that.

    art prompts: cherry blossoms, the tree and Seishirou standing together, soft face touches for Subaru/Kamui or other forms of comfort

    Yuri!!! on Ice

    I just want to see everyone ridiculously happy, or you can go darker with this fandom if you want to as long as you think it fits the characters. On Yuri, feel free to age him or not, I don't mind either way.

    Katsuki Yuuri/Victor Nikiforov

    — Dorkiest prompt ever: Makkachin plays matchmaker when Yuuri and Victor are out dog walking. Makkachin has a long leash and manages to wrap it around Victor and Yuuri and a surprise kiss.
    — Wedding scenario stuff. How does all that happen and how do various characters (Yuuri's family, anyone back in Russia, all other skaters) help this happen?
    — Yuuri and Victor talking a lot in social media space and changing their status to "married" and the hype from that or just taking pictures and uploading them in an album.
    — Can we just... have ice skate kissing, and more kissing as the skate comes off. And if that leads to more, they totally didn't expect that but it isn't unwelcome, either?
    — Anything while traveling to all the cups/Grand Prix/etc. Where do they go, visit? A museum, a famous restaurant, a famous spot? Any cultural differences with them they just learn about each other?
    — More about the rings? It could be a soulbinding thing in an AU... Or anything else that symbolize their relationship.

    Katsuki Yuuri/Poster of Victor Nikiforov

    — I just... love the idea of this? Of Yuuri fawning over Victor when he's not looking, or if they haven't met yet. I want to see Yuuri totally obsessed with this picture and all the wild fantasies that ensue. I need to know all about why he loves it so much!
    — How old is Victor in the poster? Where was it taken, and how did Yuuri get his grubby little hands on it?
    — Is the poster a hand-signed thing he had to pay hundreds of dollars for but doesn't really care because Victor's so gorgeous? (Bonus if Victor's hair is down.)
    — Where does Yuuri put the poster? Does he put it on the door in his room, or does he hide it, or is it above his bed and it's the first thing he sees every night and morning? What does he do when his family teases?
    — Like I said, fantasies! What draws out Yuuri's imagination, and how does he think Victor would react if he joined him in it?

    Katsuki Yuuri & or / Yuri Plisetsky

    Their building friendship is awesome during the series, and I wouldn't mind seeing hijinks of them just being friends or it leading to more, especially with Victor being the initial catalyst.

    — I'm down to seeing plenty of practice and learning more about each other. More like the fountain, or other types of training.
    — Yuri teaches ballet to Yuuri, or Yuuri teaches him something—all leds to something more if that brings them closer.
    — Yuuri wants to know more about Victor. In the process of asking Yuri, Yuuri finds out much more about Yuri himself.
    — Food porn for fun. Yuuri exposing Yuri to all kinds of Japanese dishes besides katsudon. Either Yuuri cooks, or they go out somewhere to chat. I can just feel the wide-eyed wonder Yuri totally does not want to express but it's obvious he's enjoying it.

    Victor Nikiforov/Yuri Plisetsky

    I love the idol worship thing that comes from Yuri having known Victor in person for a long time. He's a lot different from Yuuri who only knew Victor from far away. I adore how much Yuri looks up to Victor.

    — Victor not leaving to join Yuuri. What are their years in skating like now that he doesn't have to coach Yuuri, and Victor helping out Yuri like he said he would do before?
    — Yuri being impossibly gruff and fierce but Victor knowing how to tame him. Yuri lightens up whenever he's around Victor over time. Just... teasing and recognizing that and Victor being happy about that.
    — Skating together, supporting each other.
    — Anything long distance with Victor in Japan and Yuri back in Russia and making it work.

    art prompts: ice skating in general, shiny ice, hand holding and random touches on the face or elsewhere, Makkachin somewhere, pair skating, theme of seduction in skating and luring each other in with sultry looks or body movements