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Dear Worldbuilder,

First off, I'm really excited to see whatever you come up with! There are so many fascinating angles for an exchange like this and I want to know your special take on my fandoms. All the canons I've requested have so much potential for endless possibilities. The prompts I have listed here are to go along with my worldbuilding tags, but please feel free to work outside my prompts if you have ideas. Everything in this letter has requests for fanart and fanfiction. As a note, I'm not the best at art prompts even though I really love art pieces, but I have other prompts in previous letters that may inspire you. Or for any reason.

For this exchange I have requested: Death Note, Gakkou Gurashi, Love Live! School Idol Project, Magical Girl Raising Project, Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha, Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica, Original Work, Pokemon (Main Video Game Series), Tokyo Babylon, and Yuri!!! on Ice.

General Likes

  • fluff: domestic, hand holding, forehead touches, brushing air/running hands through hair, compliments and hugs
  • canon divergence, holiday fic, case fic
  • angst, drama, SoL, hurt/comfort, bittersweet or happy endings
  • possessiveness, jealousy, sticking too close at all times
  • unacquainted love that causes a mix of emotions
  • enemies working towards a common goal
  • gray amorality and the problems of each decision
  • fantasy, full on romance or hints, action, adventure
  • twisted love, self-loathing, manipulation fluff for right/wrong reasons
  • character burdening themselves until they breakdown and need help
  • good intentions that are completely twisted
  • romantic imagery, art or literature references
  • betrayal, traumatic or intense feelings, bottling up emotions
  • co-dependency, devotion, loyalty
  • complications with being soulmates
  • kidnapping, messed up ways of showing affection, arranged marriage
  • self-destruction tendencies, power imbalances
  • anything with adorable animals, pets
  • slow burn, missing scenes, friends to lovers, fixing failed relationships, changing fate, things going wrong and navigating the outcomes
  • introspection/character studies
  • sexual tensions and what feelings lead to

  • DNWs: scat/watersports, vore, body fluids (besides blood, sweat, tears, or sexual fluids), genderbend, mpreg, pregnancy/kidfic, bestiality, character bashing, infidelity, full on non-con/rape

    Death Note
    Characters: No Characters, Original Character(s), Yagami Light, Ryuk, Near | Nate River, Matt | Mail Jeevas
    Worldbuilding: KIra Supporters in the Media or Online, Transformation into a Shinigami, Wammy's House
    Fan art prompts: grim/dark shot while turning into a shinigami, a snapshot in the life at Wammy's, a Kira supporter holding a sign/doing something that supporters Kira in public
    I wouldn't mind seeing Light's opinion on his own "fanbase," or his transformation into a shinigami later. In Relight, we see a shinigami that is likely him—so is it? I wouldn't mind knowing more about Ryuki's past, too, and his immersion into the boring shinigami realm. Wammy's House is quite the interesting little place that is both a curse and a blessing, and the thought that goes into building brilliant minds makes me want to know everything from the academics and upcoming successors. Near after the Kira case would be nice, or I wouldn't mind knowing more about Matt's life and who he is and aims to be.

    KIra Supporters in the Media or Online:
    —Bitter hostilities between supporters and haters
    —Different opinions about Kira's methods
    —How do these people justify these actions?
    —Fights literally breaking out in the media over Kira
    —Kira centric fansites and their fanbases

    Transformation into a Shinigami:
    —The pain, the loss of memories, how it feels
    —Ryuk's transformation into a shinigami, who he was before

    Wammy's House:
    —The difficulty of the academics
    —Is the stress really so terrible the intention for suicide is a fear?
    —How people around Wammy's House view the students
    —What is the criteria for being picked for the orphanage? Is it just anyone that comes and they have to work their way up? Or is it more evaluated?
    —Are quirks kind of taught at Wammy's (Near's toys, Matt's games) as a special means for success? Do the quirks always help the kids focus?

    Gakkou Gurashi! | School-Live!

    For canon, I've seen the anime.
    Characters: Takeya Yuki, Ebisuzawa Kurumi
    Worldbuilding: Zombie Apocalypse, Post-Apocalyptic Travel
    Fan art prompts: sights the girls visit while traveling, a moment playing a game in the car, bleak shots of the zombie infested world
    For Yuki, I'm fascinated by what she'd see the outside world as. Inside the school she pretended she was still with her classmates. But what happens when she sees the world in a quiet and deadly state, and how does she envision these things being instead? Does she wonder to the wrong places, or does she manage to make use of the outside world better? For Kurumi, the strain of protecting her friends is strong, so how does she deal with that? Anything with her being the strong leader figure, dealing or hiding her fears, and her thoughts while fighting zombies.

    Zombie Apocalypse:
    —Any other ways of surviving
    —More about the zombies and thought process
    —Ways to protect themselves and weapons

    Post-Apocalyptic Travel:
    —Eventually, the car will run out of gas. Do they ransack a gas station?
    —Where do they stay at? Do they find a run down house, or a fancy hotel?
    —What other interesting places are in town that they may need to travel to for supplies or a general "vacation" kind feeling?

    Love Live! School Idol Project

    For canon, I've seen the anime. I also play School Idol Festival.
    Characters: No Characters, Original Character(s), Yazawa Nico
    Worldbuilding: Idol Groups Other than Our Heroines and Their Rivals
    Fan art prompts: Nico in a promotion/ad/poster, Nico signing in general/getting prepared, something with a theme that goes along with a certain song (spring, Halloween, etc.)
    Anything about Nico succeeding in her dreams after graduation would be lovely, or just her geeking out about idols that influence her. I would be thrilled to see her shine as an idol and her adventures as she settles into a career. Things I'd like to know more have to do with her idol blog (what does she update and does she have a schedule of posts?), the connections she makes in the idol industry, and her favorite idols that might have influenced her style.

    Idol Groups Other than Our Heroines and Their Rivals:
    —Veteran idols
    —Media they appear in from television, magazines, promotions
    —How they chose their style (rock, Jpop, etc.)

    Mahou Shoujo Ikusei Keikaku | Magical Girl Raising Project (Anime)

    For canon, I've seen the anime. I've also read the novels up to Jokers.
    Characters: Original Character(s), No Characters, Sazanami Kano | Ripple, Himekawa Koyuki | Snow White, Hatoda Ako | Hardgore Alice, Yoshioka | Pythie Frederica, Sakanagi Ayana | Swim Swim
    Worldbuilding: Magical Girl Raising Project RPG Game, Magic System, Magical Abilities, Land of Magic
    Fan art prompts: the Land of Magic's appearance, magical girls using their abilities, what the MagiPro game looks like, fluffy things and smiles
    I wouldn't mind seeing more about Ripple and Snow White after the anime ending and their interactions with the Land of Magic. If you know who Pythie is in the novels, feel free to throw her in somewhere—I wouldn't mind seeing how she fits into the larger picture. I also wouldn't mind seeing what would have happened if Hardgore Alice hadn't been killed, or if Swim Swim had actually won.

    Magical Girl Raising Project RPG Game:
    —Can we know more about this game and makes it tick? Surely, Fav and Cranberry didn't make it a bland game if so many people were into it, so what kind of aspects set it apart?

    Magic System & Magical Abilities:
    —Ways abilities are picked for each girl
    —The magic system and the differences between magical girls

    Land of Magic:
    —All the divisions
    —How they operate
    —What they do to rogue magical girls that go against their wishes

    Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha | Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha

    For canon, I'm basically fine with anywhere.
    Characters: No Characters, Original Character(s), Takamachi Nanoha, Fate Testarossa | Fate T. Harlaown
    Worldbuilding: TSAB Missions, Midchilda Culture & Technology, Intelligent Devices
    Fan art prompts: the intelligent devices themselves/how they change, a snapshot from a mission, a festival shot of Fate and Nanoha
    I feel like Midchilda feels too much like Earth. It doesn't feel especially different from what we know, but it has so much to offer through the TSAB. So I'd love to see more about how Fate and Nanoha live their daily lives. I wouldn't mind seeing Fate introduce Nanoha to things once she arrives in Midchilda. What else is the TSAB developing? What kind of activities can you do every day?

    TSAB Missions:
    —Crash landing on a planet leads to unsuspected results
    —Raiding an enemy base
    —Dealing with hostile situations

    Midchilda Culture & Technology:
    —Scientific experiments
    —New technology (medical, weapons, communications)
    —More about the fighting tournaments
    —Every day conversations different from Earth

    Intelligent Devices:
    —Growing bonds through battle
    —Repairs and upgrades, decisions in that (like Raising Heart and Bardiche consciously taking on the cartridge system in A's)
    —Damages but working through them
    —How they're made/designed

    Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magika | Puella Magi Madoka Magica

    For canon, I've seen the original anime, recap movies, and Rebellion.
    Characters: No Characters, Original Character(s), Kaname Madoka
    Worldbuilding: Magical girls in other countries, Goddess Madoka's Magical Girl Heaven
    Fan art prompts: an original magical girl and what she looks like, Madoka's appearance in her heaven (does she always look like a goddess?), a place in Madoka's heaven
    Out of all the magical girls, i need to know how Madoka's getting along! She sacrificed so much and likewise must rebuild an incredible amount, mostly by herself. I'd love to see her interactions with magical girls that she only knows through being a goddess. For original characters I wouldn't mind seeing emphasis on different cultures or personality. For example, a magical girl has drastically different ideals from Madoka in her heaven but realizes what Madoka aims to achieve and decides she believes in her.

    Magical girls in other countries:
    —Even countries on other planets but Earth?
    —Could be anywhere, really. Magical girls that are English, Italian, Korean, or even from some small little island in the Pacific
    —Weapons/places that are apart of their country that make these magical girls different from the rest of the world

    Goddess Madoka's Magical Girl Heaven:
    —Is it a place where magical girls have responsibilities, or do the girls wander around carefree? Even though they're dead, do they help the living?
    —The scenery, colors—is it a garden or a sea of clouds or what?
    —Magical girl opinions on Madoka
    —Where Madoka lives

    Original Work

    As a note, I normally prefer male or female slash over het.
    Characters: Female Revolutionary Leader, King Who Found His Soulmate
    Worldbuilding: atypical take on any trope, any atypical take on the soulmates trope, Soulmate-Induced Color Vision, Literature about Soulmates, Sacrifice, Magic Resurrection Rituals, Hidden Magical Communities, Ritual and Sacred Entities
    Fan art prompts: seeing the color around your soulmate (or how that looks in general), female revolutionary leading negotiating/encouraging the people under her, anything from the soulmate literature that may be interesting
    For the king, I wouldn't mind him just... landing into soulmate hell without expecting it, or believing in it happening for that manner. He may be a man bent-set on doing things his own way until he realizes he has a soulmate—and I'd love to see how that changes his viewpoints!

    atypical take on any trope: The choices here are limitless, quite frankly, but I'll put a few random tropes I like you may find interesting.
    —Mysterious Note, Eye Scream/Reflective Eye, That Satisfying "Crunch!", You Can't Go Home Again, Everyone Knows Morse, Exact Words, Meet Cute, Fate Drives Us Together, Forgotten First Meeting
    —cherry blossoms/flowers, love potions, goddesses/gods

    any atypical take on the soulmates trope:
    —meeting in dreams every night and learning about each other (would be even more bittersweet if they lived long distance)
    —having the same emotions and not being able to stop
    —Can't help but follow your soulmate wherever they go. However, they never catch up to them. (Person A arrives at a building but they miss their soulmate by ten minutes, or ten years, depending on how jumbled their compass gets. In the end, it doesn't matter because they're looking again.)
    —red string of fate
    —For measurement, the character accidentally breaks their soulmate clock, the thing that will tell them when they'll find their soulmate. How do they fix it?
    -general soulmate count countdown to finding each other or you both die (or something terrible happens that makes the other miserable)
    -For as long as the artist has been able to draw, they've had an attachment to one of their characters. They have a sketchbook filled with intricate drawings. One day, that artist meets the real version of that character, their soulmate. Is the soulmate really the same muse or different?

    Soulmate-Induced Color Vision:
    —Different colors, different meanings? Red means they have fully realized their soulmate and blue means they've just found them, for instance?
    —Spotting colors in a crowd and misjudging at first
    —Colors appear only at certain times or emotions
    —only sees color when you meet them or where have been

    Literature about Soulmates:
    —A dusty old book that was randomly found
    —A collection of soulmate stories that influence the reader's perception of what a soulmate is

    —Personal sacrifice; giving up something you love; having to choose one thing over another

    Magic Resurrection Rituals:
    —Using a life for a life; does the price of that life matter, human to animal?
    —Does it take magic runes, a book of spells?
    —Needing someone back to ask them a question

    Hidden Magical Communities:
    —Were these communities banned for some reason and they decided to hide themselves? Magic, creatures, traditional practices?
    —Perhaps they have access to something important the revolutionary leader needs to make her goals reality

    Ritual and Sacred Entities:

    Pocket Monsters | Pokemon (Main Video Game Series)
    Characters: No Characters, Original Wild Pokemon Character(s), Original Pokemon Trainer(s)
    Worldbuilding: Early co-existence, Conspiracy Theories, The process of becoming a Gym Leader
    Fan art prompts: shiny pokemon, any pokemon from creational myths (misty backgrounds, sunlight, moonlight), gym leaders battling
    The processes of the pokemon world will never tire me out; I want to know all the weird facts. Any of the regions are fine to use. I particularly enjoy rabbits, dogs, or birds if you want inspiration for an original pokemon.

    Early co-existence:
    —Sinnoh creational myths
    —Pokemon v. pokemon, picking territories
    —Humans v. pokemon, growing bonds
    —Was something important lost to the test of time that was helped shape co-existence in the past?
    —Formation of regions
    —Or hostilities of regions and extinction of pokmeon?

    Conspiracy Theories:
    —Shiny pokemon's existence
    —Teams and taking over the world, what rumors spread
    —Anything with centers or marts? (black market, etc.)

    The process of becoming a Gym Leader:
    —What they need to prove themselves worthy of becoming a gym leader
    —Snippets of admiring other gym leaders and imitating them
    —Formulating particular battle strategies
    —Deciding where they'll set up shop in what region, area, type

    Tokyo Babylon
    Characters: Original Character(s), No Characters, Sumeragi Subaru, Sakurazuka Seishirou, Sumeragi Hokuto, Lady Sumeragi
    Worldbuilding: Sakurazukamori Legends, Sumeragi and Sakurazuka Family Relationships in the Past
    Fan art prompts: the main three sitting around eating cake and talking, characters from the past, anything from the legends/bloodshed
    My first thought is Subaru, Hokuto, and Seishirou sitting around discussing the specifics of their family history or the legends. I think they would have more to say than the Sakurazuka being a treat and the Sumeragi's rival. I'd also love a snapshot of Lady Sumeragi's life in which she finds out something about the Sakurazuka. It would explain her reasons to be so protective over Hokuto and Subaru when they're in Tokyo, so what else does she know?

    Sakurazukamori Legends:
    —Does the Sakurazukamori only appear at night?
    —What kind victims are there
    —When most of these legends created
    —The truth of the legends
    —Is the Sakurazukamori always evil, or do the legends say the person isn't all bad unless there's a reason?

    Sumeragi and Sakurazuka Family Relationships in the Past:
    —How exactly did the families meet?
    —Why did their relationship become so estranged and bitter?
    —Did something happen that was lost in time? The Sumeragi said or did something to the Sakurazuka and it was misinterpreted, or vice versa.
    —How one became the "light" and the other the "dark"

    Yuri!!! on Ice
    Characters: No Characters, Original Character(s), Victor Nikiforov, Katsuki Yuuri, Yuri Plisetsky
    Worldbuilding: in-universe fanclubs, Skating Programs as Courtship Rituals, Jumps vs Artistry Debate, Gossip Blogs and Magazines, in-universe tinhatting
    Fan art prompts: fans squeeing over something with Victor and Yuuri, a shot of jumps being artistic, a look at one of the blogs or gossip magazines (and maybe an article?)
    Seeing anything that has to do with the artistic merits of ice skating would be really interesting for me to read. I'd also love to read more about characters that love Victor, Yuri, and Yuuri, and how they express that love. Using the Internet is pretty important in the series and I want to see the riptides on line after certain canon events during the series, pre-series, or post-series.

    in-universe fanclubs:
    —Yuri fans being super pumped up about him in general and loving cats
    —How do the Victor and Yuuri fans get along? Is there bad blood between them, or do they come together for "love and peace" when they realize that Yuuri and Victor aren't just friends?
    —Activities club members do after certain events in canon
    —Fans debating the kiss in episode 7 (because wouldn't that just echo the entire fanbase in reality, too)
    —Yuuri fans doing something for him post-series

    Skating Programs as Courtship Rituals:
    —Seducing and staring a little too much
    —Which programs are the most courting?
    —Quads, flips, dancing, ballet moves

    Jumps vs Artistry Debate:
    —Skaters sitting around discussing jump techniques?
    —Tell me more about how artistic some characters get about their jumps
    —How Yuri, Yuuri, and Victor view each other's jumps

    Gossip Blogs and Magazines:
    —Crazy stuff people do to get their hands on info for their blogs
    —Appearances of said blogs
    —Deadlines pressing in for their magazine article and that one reporter doing everything they can to get eyes on it (or they're fired?)
    —Ridiculous gossip. Does someone claim Victor and Yuuri are a thing before they actually come out and say it?

    in-universe tinhatting:
    —Fangs that take their means to get Victor and Yuuri a little too far (without hurting them, please)
    —Or maybe they think Victor/Yuri or Yuri/Yuuri have chemistry and make it their mission to show that, possibly, Victor going to Japan was for for Yuri's benefit and not Yuuri's
    —Things done at skating events to ship their couples
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