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SmutSwap 2017 Letter

First off, I'm excited to see whatever you come up with. In advance, thank you for writing/drawing and I'm sure I'll enjoy whatever it is! Feel free to mix and match my kinks if you feel it'll fit the characters and scenario. Everything in this letter has requests for fanfiction or fanart excluding Naruto and Original Work, which I incidentally forgot to tag fanart. A canon setting or AU are both perfectly fine; I like all kinds of AUs from the mundane to more magical and historical ones. I don't particularly have top/bottom preferences for my listed pairings, so switching is fine. If you need more ideas you may want to look at my previous letters.

My requested canons are:
Is the Order a Rabbit?, Naruto, New Game, Original Work, and X/1999.

Additional Kink Likes:

Alternate Universe - BDSM
Anal Fingering
Banter as Foreplay
Birthday Sex
Blood Magic
Boot Worship
Classical conditioning
Dark Magic
Dom/Sub | Power Play
Dom/Sub Roleplay
Emotional Manipulation
Fluff and Hurt/Comfort
Glove Kink
Held Down
Military Kink
Outdoor Sex
Possessive Behavior
Power Dynamics
Praise Kink
Role Reversal
Sex as a Bargaining Chip
Sex for Favors
Size Kink
Skirt Kink
Telepathic Sex
Thank God We're Alive Sex
Thigh-High Boots/Tights/Stockings
Unexpected Feelings
Weapons Kink
Writing on Skin

General DNWs: genderbending, mpreg or pregnancy or kidfic, character bashing, infidelity, character death
Kink DNWs: scat/watersports, bestiality, full on non-con/rape, infantilization, necrophilia, vore, emetophilia, feederism

Gochuumon wa Usagi Desu ka? | Is the Order a Rabbit?
Relationship: Hoto Cocoa/Kafuu Chino
Kinks: Truth or Dare, Tribadism, Playful Sex, Aphrodisiacs, Sensation Play, Nipple/Breast Play, Sharing Fantasies, Body Worship, First Time, Neck Kissing, Trust Kink, Laughter during Sex, Sharing a Bed, Comfort Sex, Kink Discovery, Rough Sex
Cocoa is the sunshine to Chino's life and I love that they both find so much sweet happiness in each other. Chino isn't impressed with Cocoa's antics and is constantly shy but she ends up caring deeply for her and misses her whenever she's gone. Their opposites thing is cute to me, as well as Cocoa's big sister complex. I am okay with Chino accepting that wholeheartedly.

Sensation Play & Body Worship: Nothing goes with a large dose of feelings quite like touching someone everywhere and adoring every curve of their body, especially if they're sensitive in that one spot.

Truth or Dare: Games they play to get to pass the time on one of those slow nights that lead to more than they expected to know.

Sharing Fantasies: Cocoa doesn't tell Chino everything about her big sister fantasies. But she wants more than hugging. Chino has some secrets of her own that have never reached the daylight.

Trust Kink: Chino trusts Cocoa, but she trusts her more than she realizes when it comes to something scary but enjoyable.

Sharing a Bed: Maybe it starts with a nightmare, but they end up in bed one night and closeness is all they need.

Playful Sex & Laughter during Sex: Cocoa is so bubbly. She can't just help but be so giggly about everything, and Chino is so cute! Chino isn't sure what to think about that but it's contagious.

First Time: Chino cares about Cocoa, but Cocoa doesn't know how to bridge the gap in their relationship! She hints and isn't sure if her suggestions are too forward. Chino didn't mean to make things awkward between them that one day, and she wants to go beyond apologizes.

Aphrodisiacs: Chino didn't expect Cocoa would like her coffee so much late at night when they're exhausted. It's something she whipped up in the cup without thinking too much about it at first. But she does—and sharing that coffee with Cocoa turns into an indirect kiss...

Rough Sex & Kink Discovery: They didn't think they'd like that kink, but they end up enjoying it a lot. It leads to a little bit more roughness than than expected. Cocoa wasn't sure it'd be okay for Chino, though. She should only try responsible and sweet with Chino. But Chino reminds her she isn't made out of glass.

Comfort Sex: At one point in the series Chino and Cocoa take care of each other while they're sick. It doesn't have to be at that point. Sex seems like the best way to ease stress. This can also be hurt/comfort.

Relationship: Hoshigaki Kisame/Uchiha Itachi
Kinks: Fighting Kink, Sex After Fighting/Battle, Age Difference, Non-Human Genitalia, Undercover as a Couple, Experienced/Inexperienced, Outdoor Sex, Sex as a Teambuilding Exercise, Topping from the Bottom/Pushy Bottoms, Unexpected Arousal, Sex in the Blood of their Enemies, Tearing clothes, Superpower Sex, Rough Sex, Rough Body Play, Orgasm Denial, Oblivious to Attraction, Magical Personality Alteration, Accidental Magical Healing Cock Sex Bets
Optional Tags: Accidental Injury During Sex, Awkward Flirting, Bondage, Branding with Fire, Character study through porn, Dirty Talk, Friends With Benefits, Ice Play, Internalized Victim Blaming, Large Cock
What attracts me to them is that they never come out and admit they respect each other. Obviously, they do and it's something that was cultivated over the years. I wouldn't mind seeing more about them in a partnered relationship that's completely unapologetic for, especially in front of their enemies on missions.

Fighting Kink & Sex After Fighting/Battle: What a better time to have sex than after they've battled and their adrenaline is pumping? Or at least Kisame would be the most into it at first in those rare moments Itachi actually lets actually them fight. Or a moment after they've sparred and their fighting spirit is high.

Non-Human Genitalia: It's not expected, but suddenly it's not really unexpected when Itachi thinks about it.

Undercover as a Couple: Are you kidding? They get along completely, sure, but acting as a couple is a boundary they've never had to do. But that's what the mission requires and Itachi does his part perfectly. He's a good actor, Kisame, decides, and he can go along with this.

Experienced/Inexperienced: Kisame's been with other people, and Itachi hasn't, but that doesn't really stop them from trying. And Itachi doesn't know what he's doing in this flirting thing but it's kind of amusing if not frustrating.

Sex as a Teambuilding Exercise: Maybe the Akatsuki have these exercises you have to go through with after you join, or Itachi and Kisame just so happen to do this because they have to get along from now on. And teambuilding is a good thing for new partners or partners that haven't been working as efficiently recently, right?

Topping from the Bottom/Pushy Bottoms: Itachi isn't that much of a pushover even if he is a nice person deep down, you know. He might agree to bottom but he sure isn't going to let the top have all the control.

Unexpected Arousal: Neither of them really expects to have these feelings since they have such a difference in age, but they can't help it seeing more skin than they were meant to or just the need for it.

Sex in the Blood of their Enemies: Kisame wants to celebrate the victory. Itachi's just staring at him blankly, but damn if he's not going to help Itachi feel the warmth of that blood they just spilled all over. It might not be Itachi's thing but that kid has to feel something for their perfectly executed kill, Kisame thinks.

Superpower Sex: Abuse of jutsu for sex is fine. Like Itachi's genjutsu are pretty powerful and something can be made out of that...

Orgasm Denial: Especially if Kisame denies Itachi, who didn't want it in the first place. But now he kind of has to admit it.

Oblivious to Attraction: Mostly for Itachi since he's worrying about his own things, but Kisame may be confused about why Itachi's giving him these strange looks when he's not the most lighthearted person.

Accidental Magical Healing Cock: Itachi's all kinds of messed up with the blood coughing and entire eyes situation, so... However it happens it doesn't matter, but he appreciate the extra pleasurable healing.

Sex Bets: Kisame likes to make bets all the time. Itachi's usually right, but he can't help but feel glee that one time he isn't.

Branding with Fire: Of course one of the Uchiha family's specialties is fire jutsu, so why not have Itachi try to make it clear where he stands if he thinks he has to go that far? Kisame is clear about how he feels when they first meet, after all.

Character study through porn: Everyone should watch themself around Kisame though he didn't expect the kid that slaughtered his clan would be in a relationship with him. So, why does he respect Itachi? Itachi is here to watch the Akatsuki, not get involved with a man older than him. But no one is making a fuss out of it, but that doesn't mean he can't think long and hard about it—so what does he even want out of of it, he asks himself?

Friends With Benefits: Because maybe they're not into the whole relationship thing, but they still don't mind the sex since they're always together... and they trust each other more than other people anyway.

New Game!
Relationship: Suzukaze Aoba/Yagami Kou
Kinks: Sex Bets, Lingerie, Cunnilingus, Clothing Kink, Drinking Games, Naked Cuddling, First Time, Sleepy Sex/Morning Sex, Lazy/Gentle Sex, Semi-Public Sex, Service Kink, Nipple/Breast Play, Talked to Orgasm, Nearly Getting Caught, Roleplay, Sexual Teasing
By the end of the series I was surprised by how much I really loved these two together! I like they're both outgoing and probably wouldn't mind doing enbarrassubg things as long as they're still doing what they should be doing.

First Time & Sexual Teasing: Aoba's never been with anyone, but she's surprised when she realizes Kou hasn't been, not even Rin. But is it much of a surprise when Kou's always working?

Talked to Orgasm: Aoba refuses to keep talking about work or something else important, or Kou gets off on teasing Aoba.

Lingerie: When Aoba arrives early into work she sees a feast more appetizing than usual. Kou should expect anyone passing by to be extremely flustered they saw her stretched out in sizzling hot lingerie.

Clothing Kink: Character/grahpic designers need inspiration for costume designs. In need of a pick-me-up, they go out shopping or use outfits in their own wardrobes.

Roleplay: And if they have new clothing, surely they want to act the part to get a better feel for their characters. Being in costume leads to strange things—anything really, including a commoner, princess or a mage.

Sleepy Sex/Morning Sex & Lazy/Gentle Sex: Aoba has slept over at work before, but she feels like Kou is watching her out of the corner of her eye. Kou loaded up Aoba with lots of work recently. Is she not giving it her all? Sleeping bags mysteriously move closer and she's wrong.

Naked Cuddling: Kou usually hugs her desk chair since she doesn't have a pillow but Aoba is right there right next to her... Why not?

Drinking Games: Aoba was overwhelmed the first time she went out with the group. But she loosens up with Kou one night as a break.

Sex Bets: When they finally have free time, they play a video game that may or may not be from their company. Someone makes a bet about the game and it leads to sex if they can't pass a level. Aoba doesn't expect to fail that level of the game since she's played it a million times...

Service Kink: Stress reliever things they get away with at work. What Aoba or Kou need to help them relax when no one else is watching them working. Sneaking in that message was risky, but who'll know?

Semi-Public Sex & Nearly Getting Caught: The office is supposed to be quiet that one weekend. Suddenly there are footsteps... Why is everyone walking past them on a day they weren't working overtime?!

Original Work

I'm open to m/m, f/f, and het, though I usually prefer the first two.
Relationship: Court Mage/Royal Bodyguard
Kinks: Weaponized Sex Magic, Barebacking, Sex in the Blood of their Enemies, Casual Sex, Character study through porn, Competence Kink, Forced Eye Contact, Anal Sex, Cunnilingus, Doggy Style, Muscle Worship, Open Relationships, Superpowers Gained from Lots of Sex, Power Imbalance, Ritual Public Sex, Scars, Semi-Hate Sex, Size Kink, Accidental Soul Bond, Switching
Optional Tags: Angst with a Happy Ending, Large Breasts, Large Cock, Magical Healing/Resurrecting Cock, Rival Sex, Rough Sex, Something Made Them Do It, Trauma Recovery, Trust Kink, Undressing Their Partner
I somehow see these two as a possible casual relationship that goes on again and off again depending on when and where they both are at that moment. At least, they're probably almost always around each other anyway. The mage and bodyguard may have hostilities with each other in how they protect the royals around them based on the connotations of magic/physical brute force they both know so well. Though, they definitely can be much more attached and just not really want to admit it at first! I just see a pairing like this being very self-aware of the other's presence, or make a show of their strength in front of each other.

Weaponized Sex Magic: Magic isn't just pretty beams of color. It's sometimes lethal, yes, but those magic beams can pin you down. The bodyguard doesn't expect to feel so turned on by the sharp magic that feels like swords in their flesh. It's normally used for torture, but maybe that's what they get off on.

Sex in the Blood of their Enemies: The mage and/or bodyguard hasn't always been a totally good person. They've wanted that royal dead for a while now, and finally the time is ripe for the attack. So, once the blood is spilled, you can only guess how they share the victory. And maybe it's not especially the mage or bodyguard's happiness at first but they can persauded to believe it was for the best.

Character study through porn: Ways in which bodyguards and mages interact and their views on each other. How they appreciate each other more through sex.

Competence Kink: They're both highly capable and intelligent. They've been schooled and trained and they hate to make mistakes on what drills they've had a hundred times. They pride themselves as the cream of the crop and you better not forget it or die. Perhaps one of them is this way, anyway, and it's the one thing that draws the other to them.

Forced Eye Contact: The mage has a way of making you look at them with their magic; you wont' be forgetting their face. The bodyguard is strong enough to keep that mage in place and not use in any magic, because who needs magic if you can use your body for the deed.

Muscle Worship: The mage has some bulky muscles with so much energy flowing through them. The bodyguard's just worked very hard to maintain their figure, thank you very much. They're beautiful muscles that ripple under the pleasure while being touched and stroked.

Open Relationships: Court is a place where there are no shortages of beautiful people. Sleeping around is nothing uncommon between the the mages and guard because of their significant schools of power, one physical and the other power based. But even if there's no strings attached that doesn't mean they can't have favorites sometimes.

Superpowers Gained from Lots of Sex: The magic spell isn't going to activate itself. The battle is raging, and who will supply the spell is the greatest question of all. The mage looks around and the royal bodyguard is one of the few left standing. It isn't expect but they'll have to be the subject.

Power Imbalance: Magic may have negative connotations on it, so the mage isn't on the food chain. It doesn't make sense to them, either. Obviously they have more power. But that bodyguard always is praised more than they are and gets far more of the perks than they do.

Ritual Public Sex: It doesn't happen often, but the ritual must be performed in front of the eyes of the commoners. It helps give importance to the strength in bonds and the mage's power.

Scars: The mage doesn't have scars just for for show. Some of these scars show power in the realm of magic. Of course the bodyguard has been nicked up several times in battle across their back and arms, but these are very much show their bravery above all else.

Semi-Hate Sex: Over the years they've constantly tried to upstage each other. Sneers and looks of hatred are common when one sneaks the win from under their hands and gets the praise from the royal family.

Accidental Soul Bond: The mage doesn't realize the spell goes out of control until it does. At first they don't really know what the spell does, but then they feel oddly attracted to the royal bodyguard they always see.

Relationship: Sakurazuka Seishirou/Sumeragi Subaru/Shirou Kamui
Kinks: Bloodplay, Blow Jobs, Dubious Consent, Shame in Sexual Desires, Food Kink, Rough Sex, Sex Tears/Crying During Sex, Dirty Talk, Possessive Jealousy, Double Penetration, Dream Sex, Neckties and The Many Uses Thereof, Sex as an Assertion of Dominance, Desperate Sex, Danger Kink, Bondage, Marking, Anal Sex, Injured Sex, Sex Magic
Optional Tags: Character study through porn, Ritual Sex
A threesome would be a giant tug of war, and Subaru must be at the center of it! Kamui and Seishirou are important to Subaru in different ways. I don't think Subaru can choose easily between them in his dedicated, fierce loyalty or desperate love. So, why not see where that jumble of emotion leads? Hostilities and all.

Dirty Talk: Seishirou is the most likely to speak taunt, but Kamui's not exactly angelic. He has a coarse mouth when necessary. Subaru may not be quite as polite as everyone thinks, and he wants to show it.

Shame in Sexual Desires: Seishirou succumbing being a bottom might be... embarrassing. But he likes it anyway. And then you have Kamui and Subaru who always feel shame about everything but like it this time.

Sex Magic: Subaru deals with spirits—so he inconsequently knows spells for sex that shake you down to your soul. Kamui wants a piece of that. And Seishirou knows things himself, though his specialty might be the sex of the body. Improper usage of ofuda on different points of the body?

Bloodplay: It can be knives or swords or scratching, but a little blood across the chest or back never seemed too far from home.

Dream Sex: They don't expect to see each other in their dreams, but they feel an uplifting arousal that's hard to sate in real life. Do their dreams get less bleak and dreary the more they have dream sex?

Dubious Consent: Subaru wants to numb his mind from the suffering, or he can't help but indulge that sickening ache in his heart that makes him wander to Seishirou most nights. Kamui follows him and doesn't want Subaru to do this alone even if it isn't what he wants at first.

Rough Sex: Kamui loathes Seishirou for the trauma he inflicts on Subaru. Kamui wants to prove he is indefinitely better for Subaru. Maybe he tries too hard to sexually please him like Seishirou and Seishirou comes to teach him the ropes. Or, Subaru is upset when Seishirou approaches Kamui randomly.

Injured Sex & Sex Tears/Crying During Sex: Tears are beautiful, and nothing is quite as tear-jerking as an injury hurting during sex.

Neckties and The Many Uses Thereof: Seishirou has many neckties. He has a tie for anything from meeting big-wigs at the government to formal parties and casual gatherings. Oh, and there's Kamui's school necktie Subaru helped tie... These ties happen to be the first thing they grab first.

Bondage: Usually, it's Subaru or Kamui tied up first, but perhaps Seishirou is the one ganged up on. He can break out any time he wants from the fluffy/metal handcuffs but he doesn't feel like it yet. Maybe it's chains or ropes. Kamui just wants to be the one Subaru relies on.

Food Kink: Subaru never eats. Seishirou loves sweets. Kamui eats when he isn't sick over Fuuma's bloodshed. So, food during sex—sounds like something they all need! Whipped cream might be too mundane, so another feast might be in order—all depends what's on the menu.

Sex as an Assertion of Dominance: Seishirou wonders, why does Subaru never pay as much attention to him during sex like Subaru does for Kamui? He likes being in control, but Subaru is lively with Kamui. Either way, it's kind of insulting, and Seishirou does not like to share.

Possessive Jealousy & Marking: Subaru leaning over Kamui and showering him with affection makes the blood under Seishirou's skin prickle. If it's going to be like that, he might as well leave marks on Kamui.

Danger Kink: Seishirou always follows his own whims, and who says he can't break into the Dragon of Heaven's mansion when Subaru is visiting for once? Or initiating sex on the battlefield? Sure, he's treading into enemy territory, but that sweet adrenaline is his favorite flavor.

Desperate Sex: The emotions pile up and up and Subaru can't take it! He is a man with a big heart. He can only take so much love and not act out on it before his heart bursts. Seishirou is not leaving him, and Kamui needs more love than anyone else is giving him. Subaru saving his sanity works for everyone.