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Dear Rare Pair Fest Writer/Artist,

If you're reading this letter I assume you're interested in writing or drawing for me. Thank you in advance, I'm sure I'll love whatever you create! The prompts I've listed are starting points, so please don't feel like I'm limiting you to them. For every ship listed below I'm requesting either fanfiction or fanart. I'm Kisuru over on AO3.

For this exchange I have requested: BanG Dream!, Love Live! Sunshine!!, Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica, Magical Girl Raising Project, Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid, Tokyo Babylon, X/1999, and Yuri!!! on Ice.

General Likes

  • fluff: domestic, hand holding, forehead touches, brushing air/running hands through hair, compliments and hugs
  • canon divergence, holiday fic, case fic
  • angst, drama, SoL, hurt/comfort, bittersweet or happy endings
  • possessiveness, jealousy, sticking too close at all times
  • unacquainted love that causes a mix of emotions
  • enemies working towards a common goal
  • gray amorality and the problems of each decision
  • fantasy, full on romance or hints, action, adventure
  • twisted love, self-loathing, manipulation fluff for right/wrong reasons
  • character burdening themselves until they breakdown and need help
  • good intentions that are completely twisted
  • romantic imagery, art or literature references
  • betrayal, traumatic or intense feelings, bottling up emotions
  • co-dependency, devotion, loyalty
  • complications with being soulmates
  • kidnapping, messed up ways of showing affection, arranged marriage
  • self-destruction tendencies, power imbalances
  • anything with adorable animals, pets
  • slow burn, missing scenes, friends to lovers, fixing failed relationships, changing fate, things going wrong and navigating the outcomes
  • introspection/character studies
  • sexual tensions and what feelings lead to

  • AUs I like: Pokemon, Pokemon GO, Harry Potter, platonic life partners (meaning, I like seeing how characters were meant to find each other and how fate lead them to each other), knights and royalty, childhood friends, assassin AUs, historical (feudal Japan, ancient China, ancient Romans, etc), flower shop, hospitals, art schools, another fandom you notice I really enjoy (too many to list), Puella Magi Madoka Magica, magical girls

    Art prompts and/or images: hugs/cuddling, kisses, fruits, festival themes, harvest moon or harvest fields full of crops, abandoned buildings, castle ruins, dark forests at night, lanterns or millions of lights in the darkness (fireflies), fire or ice or other elements, seasons (especially autumn because it's my favorite with falling and colorful leaves and pumpkins), candy/wrappers, pastel colors, digital or traditional art, bleak surroundings, intricate details or monochrome or complementary colors, blood and/or weapons like scythes/swords, abstract/surreal, chibi, animals (especially bunnies), sun/moon shots, interesting plays on shading and lighting


  • d/s dynamics, collars for ownership, light BDSM, the emotions of such relationships and the emotional connection
  • biting/marking, leaving small reminders that someone is theirs
  • dub/con, the smudged lines of lust and romance and pride wrapped into one jumble and the internal struggle of those involved for whatever reasons
  • blindfolds, spanking, formal clothing
  • cuddling, first times, focus on the senses, body worship, praise kink
  • ritual sex: mostly in context of cultural or family custom
  • bloodplay, knifeplay, something threatening but thrilling
  • slow but sweet sex, awkwardness, partners constantly checking on each other

  • DNWs: genderbending, mpreg/pregnancy, kidfic, character bashing, infidelity, non-canon character death, scat/watersports, emetophilia, infantilization, non-con/rape

    BanG Dream!

    Ichigaya Arisa/Toyama Kasumi

    I shipped these two sooo hard towards the beginning of the anime. I love Kasumi's bright enthusiasm compared to Arisa's exhaustion at her silly antics. Arisa slowly comes around, of course, and I enjoyed watching Arisa give in to making Poppin' Party a successful band.

    I'd love to know what their first date would be like. Is Kasumi happy to try anything out, or is Arisa a stickler about sticking to a "schedule"? Does Arisa build up courage first to ask Kasumi out because she wants to get to know Kasumi better after she annoys her so much? Kasumi could help with the pawn shop. Arisa might also help Kasumi with something like her guitar.

    Toyama Kasumi/Yamabuki Saaya

    I liked seeing Kasumi supporting Saaya even though she's heartbroken that Saaya didn't want to continue with the band. Kasumi never gave up on Saaya joining Poppin' Party. I feel like they'd have unspoken communication in their own ways if words aren't enough.

    I really loved Saaya's arc. She clearly loves her mother a lot, so any hurt/comfort scenarios where Kasumi talks to Saaya to help her open up about what she's going through would be nice. Saaya might talk about her previous band experiences and Kasumi gets good ideas for Poppin' Party, bringing them closer together.

    Art prompts: band practice, first dates, sleeping against each other

    Love Live! Sunshine!!

    Kurosawa Ruby/Takami Chika/Watanabe You

    I think Ruby would be the most likely to notice that You feels left out of Chika's life/sad she doesn't return her feelings. What happens if Ruby approaches You to make her feel better about it? How do they deal with it when Chika finds out? Perhaps CYaRon forms in the anime universe. How do they decide their image? You might end up realizing she's similar to Ruby because she has a hard time speaking up sometimes. Chika may just think Ruby and You adorable and wants to spend time with them.

    Art prompts: pirate AU, beach, Ruby showing Chika and You something about idols

    Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica

    Sakura Kyouko/Tomoe Mami

    I'd love to see what would happen if they ended up not breaking apart because of their beliefs! What if Mami and Kyouko had worked through their differences after Kyouko's family tragedy? What would have happened if they'd never split up in the first place? We only see Kyouko after Mami's death in the anime, so what if they had met up sooner and Kyouko prevents Mami's death? Anything with them begrudgingly (for Kyouko, anyway) protecting each other's territories and banding together against a common threat. Double points if they have to protect each other's Soul Gems/take care of each others injuries. Since Mami met Kyouko's family, what about other family moments does Mami experience and treasure with them?

    Art prompts: food, family dinner, holding Soul Gems

    Magical Girl Raising Project

    Murota Tsubame | Top Speed/Sazanami Kano | Ripple

    — I really love their friendship and how Top Speed is the bubbly to Ripple's gruffness. I want to see Top Speed making Ripple slowly more accepting of her.
    — Maybe they share more meals together, or they go out somewhere. What if Top Speed makes a special treat for Ripple one day?
    — What are magical girl activities like for them? Are they more lighthearted when they're simply doing good deeds for other people? Do they see that in each other?
    — Ripple does something nice for Top Speed out of nowhere.
    — Top Speed gives Ripple advice... and maybe she doesn't realize it's love advice?
    — Their lives after the death game.

    For this pairing I'll leave it up to you how you handle the topic of Top Speed's husband if Top Speed decides she has feelings for Ripple. This includes mentions of her pregnancy, too.

    Art prompts: food, flying, healing each other's wounds

    Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid

    Kanna Kamui/Saikawa Riko

    Saikawa's crush on Kanna is so cute! I love that she's in heaven every time Kanna touches her, or she even looks her way. How often does Kanna realize Saikawa's feelings? Saikawa's pretty obvious and doesn't hide her feelings, after all. Saikawa might end up confessing her love... Or, perhaps, Kanna beats her to it? Do they have study sessions together for a difficult test? Anything with them learning more about human/dragon world differences, especially if those differences are cute romance things.

    Art prompts: flying, showing off something, hugging

    Tokyo Babylon

    Sakurazuka Seishirou/Sumeragi Subaru

    — Seishirou's nice mask falling off sooner than expected. Does Subaru accept who he is without caring, or does he?
    — Subaru deciding he won't just sit around and decides to get revenge after what happens. Or that's what he thinks, anyway. He just wants to find Seishirou.
    — Anything after post-canon, because that's one of my favorite places to explore. Do Seishirou and Subaru run into each other all the time? How do they hurt each other or try to get the other to notice them?
    — Different first meeting? Seishirou finds out more about Subaru's family?
    — Casefic.
    — Seishirou accompanying Subaru on a job for any reason.


    Shirou Kamui/Sumeragi Subaru

    — After the Promised Day—Kamui would have had to live in this world, and Subaru's a wreck anyway. So coping and healing and all that jazz.
    — Fun things they come up with to do when the world is crashing down. It can be pretty tame whatever it is—even a domestic setting like cooking comfort food
    — Subaru protecting Kamui from someone or something.
    — More tutoring lessons/mentorship.
    — Kamui being interested in onmyoujitsu.

    Sakurazuka Seishirou/Sumeragi Subaru

    I really like how they're supposed to be enemies in X but never really want to fight each other. At leas that seems like it. There are so many pockets of canon to look at. How did Seishirou feel after Subaru's eye was stabbed one, and did he regret not stopping Fuuma? What about if Rainbow Bridge had gone differently? What about if Subaru had realized Seishirou was trying to make him the Sakurazukamori earlier in canon and how does he find out? Anything with canon divergence is great for this fandom. I like their random meetings and chats, too, and I'd like to see more about they're both living in the time we don't see them in canon. Anything about what they think about the end of the world.

    Art prompts: touching each other's eyes, hands on shoulder, symbolissm

    Yuri!!! on Ice

    Mila Babicheva/Sara Crispino

    Feel free to do the protective brother thing—Mila saves Sara/doesn't give one single damn what her brother says about them dating. That's always fun. But I love other scenarios! What did they think of each other when they first met? What kind dates would they go on? How much do they appreciate each other's company, especially Sara who doesn't feel so smothered with Mila as her possible girlfriend/girlfriend? Anything about them having a moment of rivalry with each other, too. They might get upset, but I think they'd have a nice make-up session afterwards.

    Lilia Baranovskaya/Okukawa Minako

    I like the common idea that these two have known each other since their ballet days. How did they meet each other? Did Lila or Minako try to excel over the other in competitions and it eventually turned into a rivalry? What kind of things do they have in common? At what competition did they meet each other?

    Art prompts: hugs, kisses, skating, ice cream
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