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Dear SmutSwap Writer,

For this exchange I have requested Kill la Kill, Steins;Gate, Toaru Kagaku no Railgun | A Certain Scientific Railgun, Love Live! School Idol Project, Yu-Gi-Oh!, Original Work, and Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha | Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha.

First and foremost, thank you for writing for me! Just to ease your mind a little I am one of the easiest people you could have been paired with. I love reading most every kind of plotline or character type you can imagine. I am really easy to please, fluffy or dark stories alike, unless I specifiy a DNW somewhere. So don't feel pressure to let your creativity soar! I have chosen either fanfic or fanart.


Definitely likes:
  • I'm not usually squicked by injuries as long as they're handled well. I enjoy medical terminology as long as it's used correctly.
  • Word salad: soulmates, time travel, fairytales, enemies to friends/lovers, knights and royalty, childhood friends to lovers, betrayal, romantic imagery, world building, mind games, gray mortality, animals, platonic relationships, light canon or heavy AU, heavy canon and light AU, age gaps, angst, drama, slice of life, hurt/comfort, bittersweet or happy endings, gen stories or ship heavy stories, holiday fic

  • Would not prefer:
  • Second-person POV is usually not my cup of tea.
  • OCs stealing away canon characters.
  • Word salad: genderswap, bathroom things, drugs (depends, but usually not as a recreational thing—unless you're trying to nail down they're depressed beyond repair or cigarettes are just fine), necrophilia, bashing, non-con/rape, bestiality, abuse that doesn't fit the plot/character's personality

  • Kink related:
  • Go for PWP if that's your forte. Definitely not a requirement.
  • I thrive on emotions the most to give smut that extra spark, or anything psychological to spice things up. I really love emotional whiplash.
  • Word salad: dub-con, D/s relationships, BDSM (light bondage, blindfolds), possessiveness, obsessiveness, roleplay, formal wear (suits, fancy dresses), traditional Japanese attire (ex. kimono/yukata)

  • For any abusive relationship scenarios I prefer that things don't go too overboard. I like the opposition in it, but I rather things come to an earthly grounds eventually, or at least aren't taken too far out of hand (like death). If there's age differences, I prefer at least up to ten years only. I like lighter bondage and light consensual issues (not full-on rape at first) if you use either.

    Other kinks from the tag set that I didn't list in the tags proper. Feel free to use these if you so choose!

    Kill la Kill

    Jakuzure Nonon/Kiryuuin
    Satsuki Harime Nui/Matoi Ryuuko
    Harime Nui/Kiryuuin Satsuki/Matoi Ryuuko

  • Blackmail/Sexual Coercion
  • Rope Bondage
  • Forced Sex While Injured
  • Cunnilingus

  • I love how dedicated Nonon is to Satsuki, and I'd love to see that trust and friendship shine through. I know my kinks don't really give much for that, but believe me, it can be sweet. Nui/Ryuko is where most of the listed kinks might come in, or the Nui/Satsuki/Ryuko triangle. I imagine Satsuki would still be uncover—or she doesn't have to be anymore, up to you—but I would rather Ryuko isn't mistreated too badly unless it's a lot of teasing to drive her insane.

    So, you can go for anything crazy here! Maybe something directly after a fight. I suppose that's what I envisioned putting sex while being injured and rope bondage—it's sort of not wanted at first, but isn't necessary unwanted either. Dub-con or full consensual is fine with me here. Blackmail/coercion can be for any number of things. Perhaps it's something to bring Ryuko closer to the Life Fibers' side.


    Okabe Rintarou | Hououin Kyouma/Makise Kurisu

  • Rescue Sex
  • Dancing
  • Breast Fucking
  • Multiple Orgasms

  • Anything really sweet for these two. I would imagine it's another timeline that Okabe just can't get past, or he's thinking that he wants to simply be closer to Kurisu. I kind of just want them to enjoy themselves for once and ignore the constant struggle to fix the timeline. Okabe could even take her out on a date and dancing is involved, and he totally doesn't know how to dance and Kurisu shows him the ropes.

    Toaru Kagaku no Railgun | A Certain Scientific Railgun

    Misaka Mikoto/Shirai Kuroko
    Misaka Imouto | Misaka Sisters/Shirai Kuroko
    Misaka Imouto | Misaka Sisters/Misaka Mikoto
    Saten Ruiko/Uiharu Kazari

  • Nipple/Breast Play
  • Outdoor Sex
  • Nearly Getting Caught
  • Tribadism

  • Any one of them could be out on a case and get carried away from there. I'd just like the tension that they could be caught by a criminal, or maybe a classmate, but neither Mikoto, Kuroko, Saten, or Uiharu would end up caring (or they totally could, of course). It'd be interesting if Mikoto wanted to comfort one of her sisters, and maybe they'd particularly been through something awful recently.

    Love Live! School Idol Project

    Minami Kotori/Sonoda Umi
    Hoshizora Rin/Koizumi Hanayo
    Kousaka Honoka/Minami Kotori/Sonoda Umi

  • Costume Kink
  • First Time
  • Trust Kink
  • Talked to Orgasm

  • For Rin/Hanayo it'd be great if Rin was her excitable, bubbly self, and Hanayo is totally overwhelmed but charmed. Hence talked to orgasm—Rin just wants to constantly talk to Hanayo to check on her, but Hanayo just can't take that.

    For Honoko/Kotori/Umi, their childhood friendship also really makes me happy, and I'd love to see that explored through trust and finally wanting to be closer together. Kotori could probably try to get them to try on new 'outfits" (on the risque side, perhaps?) and they go along with it out of morbid curiosity and end up enjoying it. This goes for Kotori/Umi as well.


    Pharaoh Atem/Priest Seto
    Atem/Thief King Bakura
    Yami Bakura/Yami Yuugi

  • Ritual Sex
  • Riding
  • Light Bondage
  • Dirty Talk

  • The bond and relationship between the characters in Ancient Egypt really catches my eye. I'd really just love to the trust between Atem and Seto behind closed doors. Or a scenario with Atem and Thief Bakura could lead to other interesting things—perhaps he tries to steal a little too much than what he originally intended...? Bakura/Yuugi would probably be on the sweeter side, so I wouldn't mind something about them in their daily lives at school or their getting to know each other better because of dueling.

    Original Work

    Male Owner/Male Slave
    Catgirl/Female Human
    Female Bandit/Female Noblewoman
    Female Journalist/Female Soldier
    Female Vampire/Victim Female
    Vampire/Female Vampire Hunter
    Female Mage/Female Archer
    Female Detective/Female Medical Examiner
    King/Male Knight

  • First Time
  • Cunnilingus
  • Light Bondage
  • Language Barrier

  • Yes, I really have a thing for the power imbalances with royalty and their faithful companions. But if that isn't what you were matched with me on, I would also just like to see anything set in strange situations/worlds.

    Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha | Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha

    Fate Testarossa/Takamachi Nanoha

  • First Time
  • Sex for Warmth
  • Sex Magic
  • Cunnilingus

  • Something with them on a mission? Maybe the mission is on a planet with only snow and ice, and Nanoha and Fate become lost searching for their client. So, in whatever shelter they find, they want to find comfort with each other. They can solve the case too. It could be a rescue mission.
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