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Dear Parallels Letter

For this exchange I have requested: Charlotte (Anime), Erased, Gochuumon wa Usagi Desu ka? | Is the Order a Rabbit?, il sole penetra le illusioni | Day Break Illusion, Mushishi, Pocket Monsters | Pokemon (Main Video Game Series), and Yuuki Yuuna wa Yuusha de aru | Yuki Yuna is a Hero.

First and foremost, thank you for writing for me! Just to ease your mind a little I am one of the easiest people you could have been paired with. I love reading most every kind of plotline or character type you can imagine. I am really easy to please, fluffy or dark stories alike, unless I specifiy a DNW somewhere. So don't feel pressure to let your creativity soar! I have chosen either fanfic or fanart.


Definitely likes:
  • I'm not usually squicked by injuries as long as they're handled well. I enjoy medical terminology as long as it's used correctly.
  • Word salad: soulmates, time travel, fairytales, enemies to friends/lovers, knights and royalty, childhood friends to lovers, betrayal, romantic imagery, world building, mind games, gray mortality, animals, platonic relationships, light canon or heavy AU, heavy canon and light AU, age gaps, angst, drama, slice of life, hurt/comfort, bittersweet or happy endings, gen stories or ship heavy stories, holiday fic

  • Would not prefer:
  • Second-person POV is usually not my cup of tea.
  • OCs stealing away canon characters.
  • Word salad: genderswap, scat/watersports/etc, drugs (depends, but usually not as a recreational thing—unless you're trying to nail down they're depressed beyond repair or cigarettes are just fine), necrophilia, character bashing, abuse that doesn't fit the plot/character's personality

  • Kink related:
  • Go for PWP if that's your forte. Definitely not a requirement.
  • I thrive on emotions the most to give smut that extra spark, or anything psychological to spice things up. I really love emotional whiplash.
  • Word salad: dub-con, D/s relationships, BDSM (light bondage, blindfolds), possessiveness, obsessiveness, roleplay, formal wear (suits, fancy dresses), traditional Japanese attire (ex. kimono/yukata)

  • Charlotte (Anime)

    Characters: Otosaka Yuu, Otosaka Shunsuke, Kumagami (Charlotte), Otosaka Ayumi

    What bothered me the most about this series was the ending! i really wanted to see Yuu more out in the world. If you could show him in interesting situations across the globe while he searches for those affected by the Charlotte comet, I would mind any kind of OCs or culture tidbits in the places he visits! If you don't want to go that route, I'd love to see more family moments between Ayumi, Yuu, and Shunsuke, whether i'ts while they're captured or before. What if they never were caught--what would their lives be like? Seeing the trust between Kumagami and Shunsuke would be quite interesting.

    Relationships: Shunsuke/Kumagami, Yuu & Ayumi & Shunsuke


    Characters: Fujinuma Sachiko, Yashiro Gaku, Kobayashi Kenya, Hinazuki Kayo, Fujinuma Satoru

    Sachiko & Satoru: Sachiko and Satoru's mother and son relationship is built on so much trust, so I totally wouldn't mind seeing that explored! How does Satoru repay his mother for always taking care of him and being a loving mother? Does he have to tell her something he doesn't want to, and how does she react? Does she ever find out about Yashiro (well, and lives) and what does she do about it?

    Kayo & Sachiko or Satoru: As for Kayo, I wouldn't mind her having some bonding moments with Satoru or Sachiko. Sachiko could teach her anything she wants as a motherly figure, and Satoru could share in birthdays, holidays, etc. that he may have missed out on. Maybe Kayo realizes that Satoru knows more than he lets on. For example, from his first life an event may have happened he knows a lot about that whole in his current Revival he shouldn't know that much about after he wakes up?

    Fujinuma Satoru/Kobayashi Kenya: Honestly, I don't think canon did Kenya justice when it comes to his friendship with Satoru. Kenya obviously trusted Satoru very much no matter if it was during 1988 or when Satoru wakes up from his coma. How did they meet as kids? Why does Kenya trust him so much, or find him interesting? What was Kenya doing as a lawyer in the first timeline when Satoru delivered pizza? What is life like for the both of them after Satoru wakes up, and what does Kenya try to do to help him reacquaint with simple daily life? What if Kenya became Yashiro's target? I know, it's a horrible idea for Kenya to die, but that's why he has Satoru, right?

    Fujinuma Satoru/Yashiro Gaku: Ah, what a darkship this one is! What surprised me about Erased is the ship I exited with. There I was towards the last few eps, especially ep twelve, and I suddenly found myself enamoured with Yashiro/Satoru. Despite that the confession leapt out of left field a bit, that rooftop scene and not being able to live with each other was pure gold. And then what could be interpreted as a lover's suicide (from Yashiro's perspective anyway) if you wanted. It was just too much yes.

    What about the fifteen years Satoru was in his coma drove Yashiro crazy? Why was he so paranoid that Satoru yelled his final words? Normally a serial murderer shouldn't care so much about something like that. But did he have other fears that would catch up to him? Perhaps he even saved Satoru from the car? Kidnapped him himself? That's not too far a stretch, all that's considered. And then there's Satoru. He seems like an average and nice guy, but what else about him is so able to keep Yashiro under control and combat his manipulation to the best of his ability? Is he more than he appears? What else draws Yashiro to him in any of the timelines, and what would Yashiro think if Satoru explained Revival to him? Or anything after canon with Yashiro's sentence would be interesting to see.

    Relationships: Sachiko & Satoru, Satoru/Yashiro, Satoru & Kayo, Kenya/Satoru, Kayo & Sachiko

    Gochuumon wa Usagi Desu ka? | Is the Order a Rabbit?

    Characters: Kafuu Chino, Tedeza Rize, Hoto Cocoa, Hoto Mocha, Kirima Sharo

    Anything, really! I don't have any really cute plots in mind... but anything with more fun moments at the cafe. The girls hanging around. I love the imagery of the town and wouldn't see more of that. I love China and Cocoa's relationship--how it's sisterly though Cocoa has a complex for being an older sister. Watching them just share nice moments together would be great. Or, Rize and Sharo and Sharo's feelings. Rabbits are basically my favorite animal, so if you want to introduce even more rabbit characters or such, go ahead.

    Relationships: Cocoa/Riza, Sharo/Rize

    il sole penetra le illusioni | Day Break Illusion

    Characters: Taiyou Akari, Tsukuyomi Luna, Hoshikawa Seira, Shirokane Ginka

    Anything with a better ending for Luna (or any of the girls, really) or fighting a foe that's just too strong. I find Luna's lost feelings for Akari sad and I wouldn't mind seeing more of them together. Or their future selves and how things have changed for them. Really, anything dark or happy would work for this.

    Relationships: Luna/Akari


    Characters: I didn't put any on my sign-up on accident... does that mean all in the tagset? Well, if so, feel free to use anyone. I would have just put Ginko.

    Anything! I'm really not sure what to ask for, but I'd be happy to see anything about any of the character's pasts or a deeper look at them. Or I simply woudln't mind Ginko running into another mushi on his travels. I love all the stories with the mushi, happy or bittersweet, so lay on me what you will.

    Relationships: N/A

    Pocket Monsters | Pokemon (Main Video Game Series)

    Characters: Haruka | May, Hikari | Dawn, Shirona | Cynthia, Huuro | Skyla

    I wasn't really sure what I wanted when I requested this, but I wouldn't mind Cynthia/Dawn for the most part. Or, I just find their relationship sweet, and I wouldn't mind anything set during canon or post-canon (anime or games). I also really love Skyla, and I'd love to see more explored about her and the sky, or May and adventures as a coordinator.

    Relationships: Dawn/Cynthia

    Yuuki Yuuna wa Yuusha de aru | Yuki Yuna is a Hero

    Characters: Yuuki Yuuna, Miyoshi Karin, Inubouzaki Fuu, Inubouzaki Itsuki, Tougou Mimori

    Any new enemies? What other girls might they run into that are forced to fight, and what are their stories? How much good does the club manage to do for other people that isn't shown? I really adore Yuuna and Tougou the most, and I wouldn't mind something focused on them, something maybe set back in their childhood or future especially. Or how does Itsuki's singing come along? How does she and Fuu get along with sister moments? I really feel for Karin, as well! She thought she understood so much but ended up wrong, and I wouldn't mind seeing her try to reach out to the other girls through friendship.

    Relationships: Yuuna/Tougou