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Title: A Demonic Past for Tom
Rating: PG-13 for death, gore, violence
Character(s): Tom, Titan, bandits
Word Count: 6,203 words
Summary: While ambling through the snowy forest Tom and his horse Titan are ambushed by bandits. But that is not all the danger there is to face.

A Christmas present for my friend, Magic, based off of my her characters. Only the bandits and dog are mine. The rest are my friend's characters.

Two years ago you requested this story and I've sort of sat on it since then. Always had the intention, but meep. I suppose reading Tom and Bethany's RP helped my motivation, too, even though we still have to talk about that in detail.

I asked you about Tom's backstory recently and you said that it had not changed. I originally gave you three paragraphs and you liked them (lol puffy cloud). After this last semester I decided it was time to make due on finishing.

I read your notes to make sure I had all the details you asked for. There's one big thing I added you didn't ask for, but I don't think you'll object. I hoped this turned out the way you imagined it would be or better. Merry Christmas!

Caught off-guard, Tom could only stare in dread—that was all he had time for.  )


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