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Title: Being an Idol
Fandom: Puella Magi Madoka Magica, Origina
Rating: PG
Character(s): OC Ichirou
Word Count: 678 words
Summary: Ichirou's introduction to being an idol.
Notes: While taking a break from a SubKam RP, I wrote this for a PMMM RP. That's why it's tagged as PMMM even though there's really nothing about it in this intro. Ichiriou is just another talented idol.

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Title: Draco Rises
Fandom: Harry Potter
Rating: T
Character(s): Draco Malfoy, mentions of Voldemort and Ginny
Word Count: 2,437 words
Summary: Draco thinks about how the world has changed and meets Voldemort at his prime.
Notes: For a Draco x Ginny RP that went nowhere after this scene. Personally, I consider it a chapter of a story because it's so long with so much introspection. Set after Voldemort takes control of everything, including Hogwarts.

The shining period was at hand for those who had sought to glean power. Everything was beyond glorious. )
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Title: All Girl Ouran?
Fandom: Ouran High School Host Club
Rating: PG
Character(s): OCs Shiomi and Maya, Nicholas mentioned and not mine
Word Count: 1,495 words
Summary: Maya and Shiomi talk. Shiomi tries to help Nicholas in trouble.
Notes: It's a shame I'll probably never use Shiomi again. I liked playing her. Shiomi is Tamaki and Haruhi's daughter. Maya is Kyoya's. Actually, I like Maya too but I just never had the chance to develop her properly. This was supposed to be for a host club with all of the original characters' daughters and one boy.

Shiomi's worry boiled over. Maya's words were drowned out by a switch that flipped in her brain to move and go save him. )
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Just some RP intros that involve TB/X.

Title: New World
Fandom: X/1999
Rating: PG
Character(s): Subaru, Kamui mentioned
Word Count: 558 words
Summary: Subaru worries about Kamui.
Notes: Doesn't really go anywhere because it's an intro, but I think this came out well. For a Subaru x Kamui RP.

One of the most irritable bits of the entire situation boiled down to Subaru feeling misplaced. )

Title: A Visit
Fandom: Tokyo Babylon
Rating: PG
Character(s): Seishirou, Subaru mentioned
Word Count: 286 words
Summary: Seishirou visits Subaru.
Notes: Also goes nowhere. But this was for the first TB RP I had for Seishirou. Consequentially, it also stops at a doorway. Meant for SeiSub.

Subaru had seemed rather happy during their phone conversation.  )
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Title: Sarah in a Hot Forest
Fandom: Pok─Śmon
Rating: PG
Character(s): Sarah Ameila-Anne Pure
Word Count: 988 words
Summary: Sarah wanders through a humid forest.
Notes: RP introduction for my character Sarah walking along a hot, lush forest pathway. Really like how it turned out. This is the same Sarah from Imperfect Moon, but she's just a bit different. Faith's adorable, isn't she? This is not in the sixteenth century, but a modern day timeset.

Moist and humid were the only accurate words to describe the depths of the giant forest. )
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Title: Darrien in Mineral Town
Fandom: Harvest Moon
Rating: PG
Character(s): Darrien Powell
Word Count: 1,482 words
Summary: Despite its shabby exterior, Darrien is glad to see his new residence.
Notes: RP introduction for my character Darrien at the outskirts of Mineral Town. Really like how it turned out. I better considering how much pain and suffering I went through to finish. Not only that, but the writing block issues were terrible. Mr. Donovan and the plot idea of my character inheriting the farm and such things was originally thought of by the partner I started with, Caro. The rest I wrote here is mine.

The name appeared ordinary and common for a farm-based community, yet suggested a distant and mysterious atmosphere. )
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Title: Forgotten World of Oddities
Fandom: Magical Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha
Rating: PG
Roleplay Post Type: Admissions Sample
Character(s): Nanoha, Raising Heart
Word Count: 2,668 words
Date of Completion: February 21, 2012
Summary: Nanoha explores a strange new world.
Warning(s): Huge unresolved cliffhanger.
Special Notes: Originally written for End Wars, a superheroes/villains based RPG. Besides my ridiculously detailed character profile for Nanoha (a terrifying labor of love I went above and beyond for in my insanity, and something I would not mind putting to use on another site, mind), this piece is a sample. What befalls our beloved heroine in the end? Even I cannot answer. At the time of writing this I wanted a tense story to tell.

Read Elsewhere: End Wars

Far beyond the orbital rim of the planet's exosphere and secluded in the murky expansion of space, trillions of stars pulsed in vibrant waves from light years into the heavens. )
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