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Dear Yuletide Writer,

Here we are again preparing for the holiday season! Since you're here, we share fandoms and I hope you're just as excited to write these fandoms. No matter what you matched on with me, I hope you have an amazing Yuletide season and enjoy whatever you end up writing! My likes/dislikes have largely remained the same for many of my letters, though feel free to look back at some of my old letters if you want to.

I really love all my fandoms, and I would be thrilled to receive any fic for any of my requested characters. I want to read a fic that’s based on not just what I potentially prompt but anything you also feel passionate about writing as well. The prompts and/or explanations I have listed below are help to give you some ideas for what I may enjoy reading. However, if you wish to write something different than what I have here, feel free to work outside the box. Admittedly, most of my prompts will sound very gen based, Still, that isn't all I'm interested in! I'm equally happy with either gen, ship, or smut fics depending on wherever your comfort zone lands.

For this Yuletide I have requested: Erased, Love Live! Sunshine!!, Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha, Pokemon GO, Tokyo Babylon, and X/1999.

General Likes

  • fluff: domestic, hand holding, forehead touches, brushing air/running hands through hair, compliments and hugs
  • canon divergence, holiday fic, case fic
  • angst, drama, SoL, hurt/comfort, bittersweet or happy endings, adventure
  • possessiveness, jealousy, sticking too close at all times
  • unacquainted love that causes a mix of emotions
  • enemies working towards a common goal
  • gray amorality and the problems of each decision
  • fantasy, full on romance or hints, action, adventure
  • twisted love, self-loathing, manipulation fluff for right/wrong reasons
  • character burdening themselves until they breakdown and need help
  • good intentions that are completely twisted
  • romantic imagery, art or literature references
  • betrayal, traumatic or intense feelings, bottling up emotions
  • co-dependency, devotion, loyalty
  • complications with being soulmates
  • kidnapping, messed up ways of showing affection, arranged marriage
  • self-destruction tendencies, power imbalances
  • anything with adorable animals, pets
  • slow burn, missing scenes, friends to lovers, fixing failed relationships, changing fate, things going wrong and navigating the outcomes
  • introspection/character studies
  • sexual tensions and what feelings lead to

  • AUs I like: Pokemon, Pokemon GO, Harry Potter, platonic life partners (meaning, I like seeing how characters were meant to find each other and how fate lead them to each other), knights and royalty, childhood friends, assassin AUs, historical (feudal Japan, ancient China, ancient Romans, etc), flower shop, hospitals, art schools, another fandom you notice I really enjoy (too many to list), Puella Magi Madoka Magica, magical girls


  • d/s dynamics, collars for ownership, light BDSM, the emotions of such relationships and the emotional connection
  • biting/marking, leaving small reminders that someone is theirs
  • dub/con, the smudged lines of lust and romance and pride wrapped into one jumble and the internal struggle of those involved for whatever reasons
  • blindfolds, spanking, formal clothing
  • cuddling, first times, focus on the senses, body worship, praise kink
  • ritual sex: mostly in context of cultural or family custom
  • bloodplay, knifeplay, something threatening but thrilling
  • slow but sweet sex, awkwardness, partners constantly checking on each other

  • DNWs: scat/watersports, vore, body mutilation, body fluids (besides blood or sexual fluids), genderbend, mpreg, pregnancy/kidfic, bestiality, 1st/2nd POV, character bashing, infidelity, full on non-con/rape


    Requested Characters: Yashiro Gaku, Fujunuma Satoru
    Ships: Yashiro/Satoru

    Ah, what a darkship this one is! What surprised me about Erased is the ship I exited with. There I was towards the last few eps, especially ep twelve, and I suddenly found myself enamoured with Yashiro/Satoru. Despite that the confession leapt out of left field a bit, that rooftop scene and not being able to live with each other was pure gold. And then what could be interpreted as a lover's suicide (from Yashiro's perspective anyway) if you wanted. It was just too much yes.

    What about the fifteen years Satoru was in his coma drove Yashiro crazy? Why was he so paranoid that Satoru yelled his final words? Normally a serial murderer shouldn't care so much about something like that. But did he have other fears that would catch up to him? Perhaps he even saved Satoru from the car? Kidnapped him himself? That's not too far a stretch, all that's considered. And then there's Satoru. He seems like an average and nice guy, but what else about him is so able to keep Yashiro under control and combat his manipulation to the best of his ability? Is he more than he appears? What else draws Yashiro to him in any of the timelines, and what would Yashiro think if Satoru explained Revival to him? Or anything after canon with Yashiro's sentence would be interesting to see.

    As of writing this letter I've only watched the anime. But I've been spoiled for the manga, and probably plan to read it, so don't worry about using either version.

    Possible prompts:

    —more about being codependent on each other, anything with similar feels to the end of canon
    —how they yank on each other's chains, mind games and "running out of time" feeling in canon
    —prestigious or down on his luck detective/unstoppable serial killer AU
    —Yashiro saving Satoru from the car after all
    —Yashiro is never captured, how does he continue to mess with Satoru?
    —Satoru piecing together his life after he wakes up from the coma
    —communicating with each other while in prison
    —Yashiro being generally creepy and how he plans his murders
    —Yashiro when he was younger, or Satoru finding out about it (spoilers about his brother are fine)
    —Yashiro does kill Satoru, so how does he feel about it, and does he either kill himself out of regret that he lost the one person that understood him or go on a rampage after that?
    —some AU with serial killers but someone completely different happens (Satoru's a detective or police officer, Kayo doesn't die, Yashiro was never teacher, etc.)

    Love Live! Sunshine!!

    Requested Characters: Kurosawa Ruby, Kunikida Hanamaru, Tsukima Yoshiko
    Ships: any combination of these three, Hanamaru/Yoshiko, Hanamaru/Ruby

    I have played Love Live! School Idol Festival long before Aqours hit the game this year, but I fell in love with this new cast astounding quick after the series itself splashed into the anime scene during the summer season. Aqours all have their own quirks. They have problems and goals and nice character dynamics. Picking which girls I wanted for Yuletide was painful and I wanted all the girls. Unfortunately, it did get a little easier because Dia isn't in the tagset. I'm so disappointed she slipped through somehow! But I ended up with the first years. I find the first years all so completely endearing and wonderful. I just want to see more of them alone or together as friendship or romantic fic.

    I really love Hanamaru because she, quite honestly, reminds me of myself. She’s quiet and puts others in front of herself, and she doesn’t mind sitting off in the corner of the library to read. She overall a very pure person at heart, though I also like the angle that’s she’s from an old temple and knows all kind of things like rituals through first hand exposure and doesn’t know the outside world too well. The gag with her not knowing technology is kind of funny to me despite how unrealistic it is, so I wouldn’t mind seeing that.

    For Yoshiko, I love how she's more notably a regular girl but really wants to show how unique she is. I wasn't really sure how I felt about her at first but episode five sealed the deal for me. I'd love to see more about how she learned about occult things, how she handles her online shows, what happens if she's walked in on during those sessions, or just being her awkward self. Yoshiko’s chuunibyou act is actually pretty interesting to me, especially since there's another element known to everyone in Aqours that, she in fact, can be quite normal. One of the things I enjoy about Yoshiko, too, is her old friendship with Hanamaru from kindergarten. I'd really like to see Hanamaru teasing Yoshiko about little things she knows about her. But I also really like Hanamaru knowing what makes her tick: how to calm her down, giving her advice, being there for her in general, etc.

    Ruby is sweet, and I really want to see her come into her own as an idol. She was very hesitant at first not just because of Dia but because she needed an extra push. I’d really like to see her shine somehow in the group, or realizing she wants to be an idol even after leaving high school. I wouldn’t mind also seeing her talk to Hanamaru in general in the library, places they go in town, etc. I think it’d be cute if Ruby was the one that confessed her feelings to Yoshiko or Hanamaru first, because she seems like she’d understand those feelings earlier than the other two would, and she is very forward sometimes (wanting Hanamaru in Aqours, wanting to be Yohane’'s little demon).

    Possible prompts:

    —Hanamaru getting into a book way too much and confusing her friends with her vivacious reading
    —Hanamaru teasing Yoshiko about things from their childhood
    —quiet moments in the library, tea, sweets
    —Hanamaru and her dorking out about certain books and being too enthusiastic
    —Hanamaru going to a book signing or late night book release, maybe it was supposed to be a date with Ruby or Yoshiko they don't expect but end up enjoying
    —Ruby loving µ's and how Dia got her into their music
    —Ruby is adorable, so maybe Hanamaru and Yoshiko try to dress her up in all kinds of things to see her at max cuteness?
    —why Ruby loves Aqours and idols
    —the three of them just being really adorable and where they could go for outings (amusement park, weird places on Yoshiko's request, ice cream parlor)
    —Yohane performing for her online audience
    —Hanamaru and Ruby possibly coming to Yoshiko's place when she can't stop her devil antics and gets them involved on accident
    —future fic, college (moving in together, what jobs they get)
    —Yoshiko dealing with her persona but feeling more comfortable in Aqours
    —angel and demon AU! Ruby and Hanamaru could be angels and Yohane leads them into being her little devils
    —threesome, who proposes it and who's the most interested and how does it end up happening, is it awkward or sweet

    Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha | Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha

    Requested Characters: Takamachi Nanoha, Fate Testarossa | Fate T. Harlaown, Takamachi Vivio, Einhart Stratos | Hegemon Ingvalt
    Ships: Nanoha/Fate, Einhart/Vivio

    Undeniably, Nanoha has a packed universe. There's so much untapped potential that I really hope to see in fic for this series! Nanoha's an old flame of mine that began with Nanoha herself. Then, as more of Fate's backstory was revealed, I really just enjoy seeing how truly loyal of a person Fate is herself. And guess what—the universe becomes so very complicated from there. We have a magical-military setting with advanced technology, and we have a space administration and all kinds of Lost Logia still out there to explore. Those elements are what drew me in besides the magical girl angle and Fate and Nanoha's unwavering devotion to their work and each other. While I haven't read all the manga series, I'm fine with any of the canon materials. Basically, pick anything from the original, A's, StrikerS, Vivid or beyond in the manga series and go for it. I especially would love to see anything from StrikerS and later just to see how things work out for Nanoha and Fate after they become seasoned in the military.

    Or, you can even go with their teenage years! There's so much written for them in their teens I always see another another spin on how they confess their love. Keeping them as friends works for me. Anything with growing up getting accustomed to their magic, dealing with the TSAB, juggling life in general, Fate's getting used to Earth and Nanoha on Midchilda, etc. I've always wondered what it would be like for the both of them to teach each other about their cultures. Basic Nanoha and Fate living together, cases, loneliness from not seeing each other often, day to day life with Vivio, different worlds and missions, etc. are also very welcome.

    But I also put Einhart and Vivio in my request! I ship them, or I'm okay with them as friends. But for the both of these two girls, I really do enjoy how hardworking they are for the Strike Arts and want to improve their abilities in the Vivid setting. I like how Vivio slowly makes Einhart open up, and I really want to see more about their past from their previous lives explored. In canon, I just don't feel like we have too much of that yet to make it work. If you want to use either or the other, I wouldn't mind something about Einhart just trying to become stronger by herself, or Vivio interacting with Fate and Nanoha as a family. Going on vacations, cooking something together, Vivio learning lessons, etc.

    Possible prompts:

    —Nanoha and Fate making their long distance relationship work.
    —visiting new worlds or teaching each other new things about their different cultural backgrounds
    —any bad guys and casefic whether it's in Midchida or elsewhere
    —Fate coming to terms with her mother's (supposed) death long after she's gone
    —Nanoha's injury and how she coped
    —Mo—ms moving in together on Midchilda.
    —Balancing jobs, schoolwork, responsibilities with friends and family.
    —Those conspicuous years between A's and StrikerS years. What did Nanoha and Fate do, how was training, what cases were they on and what was growing up like?
    —Vivio and Nanoha mother-daughter bonding over happy or sad things
    —Vivio meeting Momoka and Shiro and her grandparents dore on her
    —Nanoha teaching Vivio about baking sweets
    —more about Vivio and Einhart's past selves since we don't have much of that in canon
    —Vivio and Einhart friendship and Einhart crawling out of her shell a bit, martial art fights between them
    —Vivio adjusting to life as Nanoha's daughter, how she feels about her
    —Einhart and Asteion playing or training or something equally as cute to test out their compatibility as master and device because I love Asteion so, so much

    Pokemon GO

    Requested Characters: Spark, Candela, Blanche
    Ships: any combination of these three, Blanche/Candela

    Personally, I live in an urban-rural area, so GO has been a slow adventure for me; I only play the game whenever I'm especially bored while out and not doing anything else. Looking for that spark of faraway adventure through fic is really ideal in this case. But that does not mean I love it any less! I still think the game needs improvements, of course, but my main love for the game for the last few months has been the what-if questions about the gym leaders, gyms, and the actual Pokemon capturing aspects.

    Most of my thoughts here are gen, but romance fic works too. We don't know much about the canon of the team leaders and their relationships in detail. And if more comes to light while you're writing, feel free to add it!

    Quite frankly, I'm not sure what to expect with this request! I am by not a hardcore player of GO. Mostly, there's not too many good PokeStops near me. But I love the game for what it is or could be in the future, and I would love to see fic based on the team leaders and mechanics of the game explored realistically or not realistically. Even if the leaders have to try to coexist some days without major chaos, I don't think they'd always succeed, things turning sour in such a crazy environment. But it doesn't have to; I just think that'd work for a fighting type of scenario.

    But for the mechanics, if they try to steal each other's gyms, what happens? I imagine "war trophy" as some symbol of a gym, or stealing Pokemon, or taking something that belongs to the other leader. Maybe it turns into a sport of good friendship that helps their teams grow together? Or for darkfic, do they watch each other movements carefully, stalk them or use blackmail and force the gym over? How might they abuse their authority as leaders if they're greedy (or apologize if they go too far)?

    Maybe the leaders didn't even know each other's identities like we didn't in the real world for a few weeks! Personally, I joined Team Valor, so I'd love to see a fic focused on Candela/Molres/anything to do with that.

    Possible prompts:
    —I'm personally Team Valor, so anything with Candela being fiery tempered and building up her strength or her Pokemon's strength would be totally sweet
    —Spark proving that he's awesome when the chips are down and everyone expects him to be the underdog
    —Blanche, for me, is fine agender, female, or male. Since I've seen so many people talk about Blanche as a female, I've begun to lean towards it
    —Blanche evaluating Pokemon. Maybe Blanche is a bit overconfident but she has the brains to see evolution as it is and she always treats her Pokemon with respect. Or, if you want to go a little darker, maybe the Pokemon she doesn't think are worthy of evolution she gives a colder shoulder too?
    —childhood fic, how their rivalries began
    —Do they ever really find Articuno, Zapdos and Moltres? Or are they just legends they're working towards?
    —any battles they have out on the field or their relationships with not only each other but their Pokemon
    —Speaking of Pokemon, what kind do they have? Don't feel restricted to simple team colors! What about if Candela has fighting, steel or rock types? Spark has poison, flying or dark/ghost types? And as for Blanche, how about psychic, fairy and dragon? The entire option is limitless.
    —any poly relationship
    —maybe one of them is more hostile than the other two during battles or for their rivalry (and often takes things too far) and the other two work to make them see reason
    —How respected are they in their fields? Do they have to constantly have to fight for the spotlight?
    —Feel free to make any of the in game mechanics work. How do they defend their gyms? Is their protocol for trainers? What about lures? Where do they have to go for Pokemon, and does this mirror the Rattata and Weedles littered everywhere in the app?
    —Particularly, if you want to make Blanche/Candela a ship, I'd most be for that! What happens if Candela's just too direct for cool, calculative Blanche? Does Candela have to work harder than she anticipates? Is it harder than she's ever had to work for anything?
    —Anything about leading their teams, the internal structures they've built up and public identity

    Tokyo Babylon

    Requested Characters: Subaru Sumeragi, Sakurazuka Seishirou, Sumeragi Hokuto, Lady Sumeragi
    Ships: Seishirou/Subaru

    The Subaru, Hokuto, and Seishirou trio is really what pulls on my heartstrings for this series. I like how their dynamic feels so comfortable and natural when they are together. I like the sweet but melancholic vibe that especially can't be ignored after Hokuto's death. But most of all, they just click so well, whether teasing or through sadness. I like that Lady Sumeragi for being the caring but duty bound voice of reason that only wants the best for her kin. I love all the traditional backlash and responsibility she tries to remind Subaru of.

    While I love the manga's fluff and underlying hopeful messages on social commentary, this isn't a happy manga by the end of volume seven. Of course we can blame my (beloved) trashbag Seishirou for the pain and suffering. At the end of the day I draw the most fascination with the aftermath of the Bet, or what happens afterwards in the following years leading up to X. Or, what Seishirou does during the Bet to push things in his favor while Subaru doesn't realize it at first, or vice versa. Like canon, I'd love to see Seishirou shine as an assassin and the manipulator, or Subaru or Hokuto just being happy and/or you can go into the grieving process for Subaru if it's after Hokuto's death. I really have a soft spot for Lady Sumeragi, as well. I'd like to see her strong but firm in her beliefs and protective if she has to be.

    Admittedly, darkfic for Seishirou and Subaru where Seishirou yanks on Subaru's chain makes me ecstatic. Though I love, love the thought that Subaru is more proactive than he is in canon and isn't as passive as he normally is in TB/X. I wouldn't mind seeing Subaru grow a backbone, whether that means general revenge, seduction, etc. He's incredibly strong-willed and not any kind of pushover despite everything--he's a professional at what he does. It isn't in his nature to hurt anyone. But seeing him turn the tables before or after being betrayed and taking things into his own hands would be fantastic.

    Possible prompts:
    —the old angst knob turned to the max, darkfic with blood and self-hatred and all that good stuff
    —can Hokuto finally be a fashion designer, please
    —anything after post-canon, because that's one of my favorite places to explore. Do Seishirou and Subaru run into each other all the time, and how do they hurt each other or try to get the other to notice them?
    —Hokuto found Seishirou, so how does that conversation go?
    —Subaru's thoughts during the coma, talking to Lady Sumeragi after she saves him
    —Lady Sumeragi interacting with Subaru, talks about the clan or a job and possibly working together
    —gen with the whole Sumeragi trio, tbh
    —Subaru has a rough day, either Hokuto or Seishidoes does something about it
    —relationship progression before the end of the bet and Seishirou and Subaru becoming a thing before the end, so who wins or loses
    —Subaru deciding he won't just sit around and decides to get revenge (albeit, this means finding Seishirou)
    —Subaru self-hatred at himself at wanting Seishirou and that doesn't lead to happy places
    —that one time Seishirou's mask breaks and he goes too far and reveals himself too early for his liking
    —any kind of casefic
    —Hokuto not dying. How does that impact the future?
    —Hokuto and Seishirou banter
    —Seishirou's mask falling off sooner than expected. Does Subaru accept it without caring, or does he?
    —just make Subaru happy, please, that's the best prompt
    —feel free to jump ahead to X canon if you plan to go that far. Any meetings they had during 1999, post X canon, Seishirou not dying, Subaru and being a Sakurazukamori, etc.


    Requested Characters: Shirou Kamui, Monou Fuuma
    Ships: Fuuma/Kamui

    I still don't know what it is about X that particularly lures me in, or what makes it so addictive in the long run. It could be the ships, or the looming end-of-the-world scenario that dangles you in by the chain (oh, and the ending leaves so many things to be desired in fic...), though I'll go out on a limb and say it's CLAMP's character bonds that make everything rewarding. And like Tokyo Babylon, I love how X feels like a fictional clone of the real world Tokyo. Honestly, it is really easy to picture the characters breathing and living in this setting.

    It feels like X will never come off hiatus and I wouldn't mind seeing something with Kamui and Fuuma's messed up relationship to quench the thirst. If you want to know the truth, I don't feel like Fuuma is an incredibly horrible person even as "Kamui." I feel like Fuuma is still kind deep down but he can't help but behave the way he does with the greater pull of Fate dragging him along. But for darkfic, I would love to see the sadistic and creepy part of Fuuma played around with. The reasons Fuuma adopted his role, the way he views Kamui as his twin star. Fuuma's identity and his internal suffering would also show the inner "good" Fuuma inside, and I'm interested in knowing more about that.

    I suppose Kamui suffering is inevitable here. Maybe you could turn the tables and make Kamui the one who chose the Angels instead of the Seals? I would like to see him happy in general, or just doing something with Fuuma kind of against his will. I'm envisioning a sort of unexpected team-up, perhaps?

    Using the planet theme and impending destruction after the Promised Day would be just amazing, too.. I wouldn't mind seeing something with the world ending if Fuuma managed to defeat Kamui. A post-apocalypse scenario we saw through the earthquakes. Maybe they have nightmares right before it happens, too...

    But of course I've also asked for Yuzuriha. She's the bubbly cheer of the Dragons of Heaven, and I want to see more of that! I wouldn't mind seeing her cheer up Kamui in some way one day. She could always run into Fuuma and... that would have decidedly weird results. I think it'd be sort of amusing if Fuuma noticed Inuki and she didn't realize who he was at first and ends up forming a friendship with him for a few minute. Any snippets wit hher daily routine or a fight would also be nice to see.

    Possible prompts:
    —Kamui just has a happy day, period
    —a look into Fuuma's mind. Is he fighting with him deep down not to fight against Kamui?
    —post apocalypse scenario
    —friendship fic before canon or after with Fuuma and Kamui
    —Yuzuriha forcing Kamui to do things to cheer him up (works or doesn't work)
    —Yuzuriha forces Kamui and Fuuma to get along somehow? (it could happen... if Fuuma doesn't kill her first...)
    —anything about Yuzuriha and Inuki just enjoying a day together, how their friendship has grown
    —Fuuma's thoughts about the end of the world, how he knows the world wants destruction
    —Kamui suffering in general but trying to overcome it
    —Promised Day fight and who survives
    —canon divergence for during 1999 or after, maybe someone doesn't die or they both live, or the battle ends happy or tragically


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