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Dear Relation Shipping writer,

I'm happy we matched on fandoms, and I can't tell you how thrilled I am to read what you write! I'm an easygoing person and love all types of stories. Of course everything in my letter are optional details that may interest you, but feel free let your imagination soar with my prompts. I'm fine with either plain romance to full on PWP if that's your thing.

For this exchange I've requested both art and fanfiction. I hope in my prompts I've given you some ideas in general for both. For art I like softer palette, watercolors, chibi, abstraction, surrealism, impressionism, Renaissance, gothic—essentially, many kinds of styles. I especially like to see nature/romantic settings like forests, ocean/beach, or stargazing.

General Likes

  • fluff: domestic, hand holding, forehead touches, brushing air/running hands through hair, compliments and hugs
  • canon divergence, holiday fic, case fic
  • angst, drama, SoL, hurt/comfort, bittersweet or happy endings, adventure
  • possessiveness, jealousy, sticking too close at all times
  • unacquainted love that causes a mix of emotions
  • enemies working towards a common goal
  • gray amorality and the problems of each decision
  • fantasy, full on romance or hints, action, adventure
  • twisted love, self-loathing, manipulation fluff for right/wrong reasons
  • character burdening themselves until they breakdown and need help
  • good intentions that are completely twisted
  • romantic imagery, art or literature references
  • betrayal, traumatic or intense feelings, bottling up emotions
  • co-dependency, devotion, loyalty
  • complications with being soulmates
  • kidnapping, messed up ways of showing affection, arranged marriage
  • self-destruction tendencies, power imbalances
  • anything with adorable animals, pets
  • slow burn, missing scenes, friends to lovers, fixing failed relationships, changing fate, things going wrong and navigating the outcomes
  • introspection/character studies
  • sexual tensions and what feelings lead to

  • AUs I like: Pokemon, Pokemon GO, Harry Potter, platonic life partners (meaning, I like seeing how characters were meant to find each other and how fate lead them to each other), knights and royalty, childhood friends, assassin AUs, historical (feudal Japan, ancient China, ancient Romans, etc), flower shop, hospitals, art schools, another fandom you notice I really enjoy (too many to list), Puella Magi Madoka Magica, magical girls

    Do Not Wants

  • scat/watersports, vore, body mutilation, body fluids besides blood or sexual
  • genderbend, mpreg. homophobia, pregnancy/kidfic, bestiality
  • 1st/2nd POV unless you think you have a good reason to use it
  • any personal character bashing that obviously goes too far
  • infidelity, full on non-con situations/rape

  • Kinks:

  • d/s dynamics, collars for ownership, light BDSM, the emotions of such relationships and the emotional connection
  • biting/marking, leaving small reminders that someone is theirs
  • dub/con, the smudged lines of lust and romance and pride wrapped into one jumble and the internal struggle of those involved for whatever reasons
  • blindfolds, spanking, formal clothing
  • cuddling, first times, focus on the senses, body worship, praise kink
  • ritual sex: mostly in context of cultural or family custom
  • bloodplay, knifeplay, something threatening but thrilling
  • slow but sweet sex, awkwardness, partners constantly checking on each other

  • Love Live! Sunshine!!

    Kurosawa Dia/Kurosawa Ruby

    Ruby and Dia's understandings for each other is what sold me on their relationship. Dia is very protective of not only the Aqours gang but her sister's feelings about being a school idol; their hug after Ruby return from Tokyo was sweet. Dia also went through the hardship of losing out on being an idol and it's obvious that she wants to protect her sister from pain. Likewise, Ruby knows about Dia's up and down feelings about idols and knows when to not hurt her. That really would bring them together.

    I'd love to see Dia teaching Ruby how to be a proper idol. Maybe Ruby and Dia's cosplay and roleplay with µ's. I think there's a lot of potential here with their likes/dislikes and how they view each other. We know that Dia admires Eli, but who does Ruby admire out of the group? I see it generally being Hanayo because they have similar personalities. Hanamaru identifies with Rin, too. But it can be anyone else. Can Dia help her figure it out with her vast fangirling—or does Ruby pick Dia as her role model and it leads to more?

    If you don't want to write that, you can show snippets from when Dia and Kanan decided to let Mari go abroad Ruby's role in making her feel better. Maybe something from the days they are together in Aqours after fast forwarding to to the third years joining. Dia fussing over Ruby's looks, outfits, etc. Or anything about Ruby having fears and Dia soothing them like an older sister works for me. It can be the other way around in general, because I'd like to see Ruby strong and confident, too.

    Original Work

    Psychic Twin/Psychic Twin
    Good Twin/Evil Twin
    Twin God of Death/Twin God of Life

    Because the three of this are similar, I'll lump them together. I don't mind if you write brother/brother, sister/sister, or brother/sister.

    Connections twins have strike me as beautiful. To have someone that you think you know as much as yourself, even beyond the surface of the skin—but that's not the absolute truth. Sometimes, you have to oppose yourself and come to terms with the difference of someone you may deeply love and care for. Or, perhaps, one of the twins does despise the other.

    Maybe you could even mix these up. Is the Evil Twin evil because they've gone haywire with their psychic abilities and the Good Twin decides to bring them to justice? Good/Evil Twins can be a number of things, such as one being a serial killer and the other an innocent bystander that only knows their evil twin's intentions. The relationship between Death and Life might be strained because of a recent influx of deaths/people being born and the balance is shifted and it forces them to meet each other. Or do the twins for Death and Life simply find something beautiful in each other?

    What brings them to a sexual relationship in the first place? Did they suddenly decide they love each other one day and couldn't live with each other (especially in the case for Life/Death) and the feelings turn too intense for them to handle, and did it start with a kiss?

    Ouran High School Host Club

    Hitachiin Hikaru/Hitachiin Kaoru
    Fujioka Haruhi/Hitachiin Hikaru/Hitachiin Kaoru

    Kaoru and Hikaru are both hilarious and sweet. I enjoy watching how they act in the club and pretend to be something they aren't for the girls' pleasure—or is it all an act? I wouldn't mind seeing Kaoru or Hikaru have to shield their feelings for a while and can't confess. Maybe something pulls the straw just a little too far and hit too close for their liking? The cat would come out of the bag then. Things escalate from there, whether that be an understanding of their feelings or more.

    For including Haruhi, you can point out the twins' differences and what sets them apart. Her deadpan "yes I know who both of you are" approach is down to earth. So, both of them trying to show off to her seems likely. And likewise, Hikaru and Kaoru may equally have to weight how they feel about her and come to the conclusion that they can't pick one or the other. Drama would be welcome here.

    As a warning, I've seen the anime. Manga spoilers will go over my head.


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