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For this exchange I have requested Erased, Halloweentown (1998), il sole penetra le illusioni | Day Break Illusion, Love Live! School idol Project, Myriad Colors Phantom World, and xxxHoLic.

Dear Night on Fic Mountain Writer,

First and foremost, thank you for writing for me! Just to ease your mind a little I am one of the easiest people you could have been paired with. I love reading most every kind of plotline or character type you can imagine. I am really easy to please, fluffy or dark stories alike, unless I specifiy a DNW somewhere. So don't feel pressure to let your creativity soar! I have chosen either fanfic or fanart.


Definitely likes:
  • I'm not usually squicked by injuries as long as they're handled well. I enjoy medical terminology as long as it's used correctly.
  • Word salad: soulmates, time travel, fairytales, enemies to friends/lovers, knights and royalty, childhood friends to lovers, betrayal, romantic imagery, world building, mind games, gray mortality, animals, platonic relationships, light canon or heavy AU, heavy canon and light AU, age gaps, angst, drama, slice of life, hurt/comfort, bittersweet or happy endings, gen stories or ship heavy stories, holiday fic

  • Would not prefer:
  • Second-person POV is usually not my cup of tea.
  • OCs stealing away canon characters.
  • Word salad: genderswap, scat/watersports/etc, drugs (depends, but usually not as a recreational thing—unless you're trying to nail down they're depressed beyond repair or cigarettes are just fine), necrophilia, bashing, non-con/rape, bestiality, abuse that doesn't fit the plot/character's personality

  • Kink related:
  • Go for PWP if that's your forte. Definitely not a requirement.
  • I thrive on emotions the most to give smut that extra spark, or anything psychological to spice things up. I really love emotional whiplash.
  • Word salad: dub-con, D/s relationships, BDSM (light bondage, blindfolds), possessiveness, obsessiveness, roleplay, formal wear (suits, fancy dresses), traditional Japanese attire (ex. kimono/yukata)

  • Erased

    Relationship: Yashiro Gaku/Fujinuma Satoru

    Yashiro Gaku/Fujinuma Satoru: What surprised me about Erased is the ship I exited with. There I was towards the last few eps, especially ep twelve, and I suddenly found myself enamoured with Yashiro/Satoru. Despite that the confession leapt out of left field a bit, that rooftop scene and not being able to live with each other was pure gold. And then what could be interpreted as a lover's suicide (from Yashiro's perspective anyway) if you wanted. It was just too much yes.

    What about the fifteen years Satoru was in his coma drove Yashiro crazy? Why was he so paranoid that Satoru yelled his final words? Normally a serial murderer shouldn't care so much about something like that. But did he have other fears that would catch up to him? Perhaps he even saved Satoru from the car? Kidnapped him himself? That's not too far a stretch, all that's considered. And then there's Satoru. He seems like an average and nice guy, but what else about him is so able to keep Yashiro under control and combat his manipulation to the best of his ability? Is he more than he appears? What else draws Yashiro to him in any of the timelines, and what would Yashiro think if Satoru explained Revival to him? Or anything after canon with Yashiro's sentence would be interesting to see.

    As of writing this letter I've only watched the anime. But I've been spoiled for the manga, and probably plan to read it, so don't worry about using either version.

    Halloweentown (1998)

    Characters: Marnie Piper, Dylan Piper, Ethan Dalloway, Luke

    Seeing this in the tagset, and also seeing that someone was actually willing to write about it, really was a blast from the past! I love this world so much. I've seen the first movie over and over again, but I really love all the characters and Halloweentown as a whole. It's honestly been a while since I've seen the latter movies but I have seen them. Feel free to do whatever ships you want to do, or explore family roots in Halloweentown.

    il sole penetra le illusioni | Day Break Illusion

    Characters: Taiyou Akari, Tsukuyomi Luna, Hoshikawa Seira, Shirokane Ginka, Shinzaki Fuyuna

    Out of everything in this series what happened to Luna is particularly sad to me and I'd love to see how things could have gone differently for her. I enjoyed Akari/Luna and would really love to see what would have happened for them if things had worked out. But of course, any of these characters are welcome.

    Love Live! School Idol Project

    Relationship: Hoshizora Rin/Koizumi Hanayo, Honoka/Kotori/Umi
    Characters: Yazawa Nico, Minami Kotori, Kousaka Honoka

    For Hanayo/Rin I'd really just love anything fluffy. Dates? A trip somewhere? Fond memories of the first time they became friends? Does Rin or Hanayo have any other insecurities about themselves, such as Rin and the dress in S2, E5 or Hanayo's weight? If so, please make them positive.

    I love their childhoood friendship and how they still continue to be friends so long into the future! What would the girls do on an outing? A date? What happens when they realize around the same time they have feelings for each other? Would Umi be serious about making things work between the three of them in a relationship? Would Honoka be too enthusiastic? Would Kotori not know what to do with them? I also wouldn't mind a future fic with them deciding to enter a relationship in college. What about after the third years graduate, how do they continue without them? Would that draw them closer together?

    As for characters themselves: I'd love to see Nico later in an actual career and obstacles she might have to face. I wouldn't mind seeing Kotori interact with any of the other Muse members. For Honoka, perhaps she has a more difficult time than she thought she would after the third years leave the school and has to cheerful up somehow.

    Myriad Colors Phantom World

    Characters: Ruru, Minase Koito, Kumamakura Kurumi, Kawakami Mai, Izumi Reina

    As of writing this letter, I've only gotten a few episodes into this series. Don't worry, though, I'll probably it complete by the time the challenge is over with! In the meantime, my favorites are actually Reina and Mai and I'd be happy to see anything about them. I really like the strange/colorful nature of the show and wouldn't mind anything else strange and out of the ordinary with phantoms.


    Relationship: Watanuki Kimihiro/Kunogi Himawari/Doumeki Shizuka
    Characters: Watanuki Kimihiro, Doumeki Shizuka, Ichihara Yuuko, Kunogi Himawari

    Cases, relationship pining, etc. Anything early in the series or later even after Yuuko leaves the shop would be fine, or the three of them trying to be together no matter how depressing it is. Seeing Doumeki and Watanuki butt heads is always fun, but anything with them coming to an understanding an appreciating each other's company would be sweet. I really love Yuuko and wouldn't mind seeing her simply boss Watanuki around/see them just in their daily lives. I'm also deeply into Tsubasa. Feel free to throw in whatever spoilers/crossover information from Tsubasa you see fit. I ship Watanuki/Doumeki or Himaari/Watanuki/Doumeki.


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