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For this exchange I have requested: Avatar: Legend of Korra, Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon | Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon, Durarara!!, Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun, Kim Possible, Suite Life of Zack & Cody, Toaru Kagaku no Railgun | A Certain Scientific Railgun, and xxxHoLic.

First and foremost, thank you for writing for me! Just to ease your mind a little I am one of the easiest people you could have been paired with. I love reading most every kind of plotline or character type you can imagine. I am really easy to please, fluffy or dark stories alike, unless I specifiy a DNW somewhere. So don't feel pressure to let your creativity soar! I have chosen either fanfic or fanart.


Definitely likes:
  • I'm not usually squicked by injuries as long as they're handled well. I enjoy medical terminology as long as it's used correctly.
  • Word salad: soulmates, time travel, fairytales, enemies to friends/lovers, knights and royalty, childhood friends to lovers, betrayal, romantic imagery, world building, mind games, gray mortality, animals, platonic relationships, light canon or heavy AU, heavy canon and light AU, age gaps, angst, drama, slice of life, hurt/comfort, bittersweet or happy endings, gen stories or ship heavy stories, holiday fic

  • Would not prefer:
  • Second-person POV is usually not my cup of tea.
  • OCs stealing away canon characters.
  • Word salad: genderswap, scat/watersports/etc, drugs (depends, but usually not as a recreational thing—unless you're trying to nail down they're depressed beyond repair or cigarettes are just fine), necrophilia, bashing, non-con/rape, bestiality, abuse that doesn't fit the plot/character's personality

  • Kink related:
  • Go for PWP if that's your forte. Definitely not a requirement.
  • I thrive on emotions the most to give smut that extra spark, or anything psychological to spice things up. I really love emotional whiplash.
  • Word salad: dub-con, D/s relationships, BDSM (light bondage, blindfolds), possessiveness, obsessiveness, roleplay, formal wear (suits, fancy dresses), traditional Japanese attire (ex. kimono/yukata)

  • Avatar: Legend of Korra
    Asami Sato, Korra

    What really interests me about this series is the Korra and Asami relationship. I wouldn't mind a friendship perspective or a romantic one, honestly, as long as it explores more about their characters or puts them in situations where the both of them have to work together/get to know each other better.

    Ships: Korra/Asami

    Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon | Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon

    Tsukino Usagi | Sailor Moon, Tomoe Hotaru | Sailor Saturn, Meiou Setsuna | Sailor Pluto, Aino Minako | Sailor Venus, Hino Rei | Sailor Mars, Mizuno Ami | Sailor Mercury, Kino Makoto | Sailor Jupiter, Kaiou Michiru | Sailor Neptune, Chibiusa | Sailor Chibi Moon

    I quite honestly don't mind seeing fic anywhere in the series, so take your pick of characters and run whenever you want to with this request. I wouldn't mind seeing anything set on the Moon Kingdom and the differences in character/culture/ways of life for the girls.

    For the most ship fuel, I find Hotaru and Chibusa really great friends, so I'd love to be able to see them interact more, have fun together, live a normal life if things had gone better for Hotaru in the first place. Usagi and Rei butting heads like usual would be fun to see--especially if either one of them goes too far and the other has to apologize.

    Ships: Everything! Seriously. Favorites include: Hotaru/Chibusa, Usagi/Rei, Michiru/Setsuna (or any combination with or without Haruka, really, since I apparently don't have Haruka requested and I can't really ask for her)


    Orihara Izaya, Ryuugamine Mikado, Kishitani Shinra, Celty Sturluson, Sonohara Anri

    Perhaps Izaya bugs Mikado more than he usually does, and that sets off an avalanche between the two? I think that would make for an interesting story. Or, really, Izaya could be bugging anyone or causing mischief with any character (including Shinra) and I wouldn't mind whatsoever! Or, Mikado could finally go on a date with Anri? How "normal" would a date between them be? Would it work out, or would they run into the Dollars/another gang? As for Shinra and Celty, I really wouldn't mind something fluffy for the two of them, like a night together doing something fun or something happening that changes up their schedules.

    Ships: Shinra/Celty, Mikado/Anri, Izaya/Mikado

    Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun

    Mikoshiba Mikoto, Seo Yuzuki, Hori Masayuki, Kashima Yuu

    Interesting nominations these are! I wouldn't mind seeing more Hori/Kashima and Kashima just being princely and making Hori's life harder by the day. Or maybe things become easier for them to be around each other? Seo... I'd love to see her acting crazy, or just dragging everyone else into crazy situations! And I wouldn't mind seeing Mikoto's relationship with any of the other characters or stories about him however you want to spin it.

    Ships: Hori/Kashima

    Kim Possible

    Kim Possible, Ron Stoppable, Shego, Yori

    I grew up on this series, quite honestly. Feel free to keep any of the relationships purely platonic if that's what you want, including Kim/Ron (and copious amounts of Rofus if you can throw him in somehow, I looove Rofus!). I find that they're both great companions for each other no matter what really happens to them and I want to do that explored. Oh, and feel free to use canon villains or any of your wacky OC villains.

    Ron/Kim: What could happen on a mission that brings Kim and Ron closer or further apart? What happens after graduation, do they continue saving the world? What happens when one of them gets badly hurt and the other has to save them?

    Kim/Shego: I don't mind if you keep Shego "good" for this pairing or if you do keep her cunning and cruel. Whatever you want to do, really. What about Shego is alluring to Kim? And on the same side of thought, why does Kim have an attraction to Shego? What kind of situations do they have to work in together, or is Shego pulling the strings without Dr. Drakken that Kim has to keep up with?

    Ships: Kim/Ron, Kim/Shego, Ron/Yori

    Suite Life of Zack & Cody

    Cody Martin, Zack Martin, London Tipton, Maddie Fitzpatrick

    My best memories of this series actually stays in the Tipton Hotel era before the S.S. Tipton, but feel free to make the setting wherever you want. Maddie and London's constant bickering but care for each other stands out to me. I love seeing how they end up getting along in the end. It'd be great to see more situations where the two of them have to work together, or they argue, or they somehow become better friends with each other. Oh, and the twins! Of course I'd love to Zack and Cody being as mischievous as ever, or they have an argument and can't get over it, or something else tries to stand in their way.

    Ships: London/Maddie

    Toaru Kagaku no Railgun | A Certain Scientific Railgun

    Case-fic, more about Misaka clones, trouble at school... I wouldn't mind any of it! I'm particularly fond of having Mikoto and Saten shine. Especially Saten because she has so many issues to work through in canon and her Level 0 status. But how else can she get stronger? Or basic fluff fic with all the girls would be awesome while exploring more about the city.

    Misaka Mikoto, Shirai Kuroko, Saten Ruiko, Uiharu Kazari, Konori Mii

    Ships: Mikoto/Kuroko, Saten/Uiharu, Saten/Mikoto


    Watanuki Kimihiro, Doumeki Shizuka, Kunogi Himawari

    Cases, relationship pining, etc. Anything early in the series or later even after Yuuko leaves the shop would be fine, or the three of them trying to be together no matter how depressing it is. Seeing Doumeki and Watanuki butt heads is always fun, but anything with them coming to an understanding an appreciating each other's company would be sweet. I really love Yuuko and wouldn't mind seeing her simply boss Watanuki around/see them just in their daily lives. I'm also deeply into Tsubasa. Feel free to throw in whatever spoilers/crossover information from Tsubasa you see fit. I ship Watanuki/Doumeki or Himaari/Watanuki/Doumeki.

    Ships: Watanuki/Doumeki, Watanuki/Doumeki/Himawari


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